How do I open the User Manual?

  • pinchepunk

    pinchepunk - 2010-04-27

    I downloaded the user manual and the installation completed but I cannot find it. Where do I look for it? I am new to both Gimp and the Mac.



  • Simone Karin Lehmann

    What about the menu "Help"? Or the "Help" buttons in various dialogs?

    BTW, GIMP is a very professional application and not meant to be for beginners. Try to get familiar with your Mac. Maybe some other app like iPhoto will fit your needs…


  • Torrey

    Torrey - 2010-06-25


    I also have the same question. I located a user manual found in "file:///tmp/skl/" but was wondering if this IS the file installed by the installer package "GIMP-2.6-User-Manual-en" that I downloaded from here:

    If not, where did the files installed by it go?


  • Simone Karin Lehmann

    … come on guys, do I really have to write a HOWTO about using a menu entry or clicking on a button?

    … use GIMP's "Help" menu. There's an entry in it called, well, "User manual". Or, if someday you see a button in one of GIMP's dialog boxes, which is labeled "Help", click it.

    The files are installed in your home directory in "~/Library/Application Support/Gimp/help" and its subdirectories. Anything else you'll find on your system is just a symbolic link to that location.

    BTW, how should I name those files? If I call them "Help files" to make it clear that you have to use the "Help" menu or the "Help" buttons, I'll get mails from users complaining why there's no "User manual". If I call those files "User manual", well, it seems to be difficult to use the "Help" menu…. (SCNR)


  • wister

    wister - 2010-06-30

    What an unhelpful and snotty reply.

    For those who were asking, files are in hard drive/user/library/app support/gimp

    However, to access your user manual, open the app. The menu bar does not look like a regular Apple menu. Instead of app name it says X11 and the help menu there is no good to us. Instead, find the GNU Image Manipulation Program window. It has a very Windows-looking menu bar of its own. Look under Help there and you'll find the manual and help menus.

  • shaval

    shaval - 2011-07-17

    I was told in a Linux forum that the online help files do not work on Mac OS. How come?


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