#68 Tools get stuck randomly in “command key down” mode

v1.0 (example)

While editing, tools will sometimes stay in their alternative mode that is normally activated by holding down the Command key, even if the key is released. For instance, the Move tool will switch to Path mode, or the Select tools will switch to Subtract mode. The tool must be manually reset to normal mode in the toolbox.

Unfortunately I have not found a way to reproduce this on-demand. I only notice it has happened when the tools start behaving in a different way than I expect.


  • Alexander Thomas

    Still present in 2.8.18. And, I have found some ways to trigger it:
    1. Open an image in GIMP
    2. Choose the Free Select tool and put it into normal (replace) mode
    3. Go to another application
    4. Click on the GIMP icon in the Dock to go back to GIMP
    5. Press the command key
    You will see the tool switching to subtract mode, but not back when you release the key.

    Another way:
    1. Open two existing images in GIMP
    2. Choose the Free Select tool and put it into normal (replace) mode
    3. Switch to the other image window and press the command key
    You may need to repeat step 3 a few times.

    Last edit: Alexander Thomas 2017-02-25

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