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GIMP FX Foundry / News: Recent posts

FX foundry now released for GIMP 2.6

This corrects all errors related to version upgrade and a lot of deprecated syntax.

Posted by Alexia Death 2008-10-11

Third release is out.

This time theres the traditional LARGE pack and a web page for cherry picking the stuff you want:)

The web docs can be found here:


Posted by Alexia Death 2008-03-23

GIMP FX Foundry has released a new pack!

This pack contains 90 scripts, roughly half from previous release, some of them updated or improved, and and half new fixed or improved or just collected scripts. Enjoy!

PS! Be sure to read the release manifest, it contains a good tip for managing your scripts and a couple of warnings you need to be aware before installing them...

Posted by Alexia Death 2007-12-19

GIMP FX Foundry proudly presents first release!

The first release contains 44 files providing 88 different functions to help you with your GIMP experience with new GIMP 2.4 . Get it now and check back often for updates.

PS: If you downloaded the zip pack and failed to extract the files, its now updated. 7zip managed to create a zip that nothing but itself can extract...

Posted by Alexia Death 2007-11-14

GIMP FX Foundry is off to a kickstart!

The project has been approved and you can already get a lot of updated scripts from our SVN so go take a peek, soon we will have a release of the first fruits :D

Posted by Alexia Death 2007-10-30