#516 HP 4MV


I have installed the software and my printer (HP 4MV) does not show when I go to add a printer. The info shows that the printer is supported. I've checked my ethernet cables. The printer says "Ready" and the printer does not show. Please advise!


  • mbroughtn

    mbroughtn - 2012-06-12

    You did not give me much information on what you have already done to try to solve this. The best I can do at present is to give you the outline and some external resources.

    In the most simple case, all you should have to do is to enter the IP address for the printer's MIO card when you set up the printer. That should allow the system to "see" the printer.

    If you need instructions on settings for the MIO card, please see <http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Mac-Printing-and-Scanning/Laserjet-4mv/td-p/1176843> and <http://macmemos.com/?p=1084>.

    In addition, I would recommend that you set up your printer to use a static IP address and reserve that address in your router.

  • Michael Mastro

    Michael Mastro - 2012-06-25

    I got the IP address for my HP 4MV and entered it, and my Mac still doesn't see the printer. I set the Protocol for HP Jetdirect - Socket, and I selected Print Using HP Laserjet 4V - CUPS+Gutenprint v5.2.8-pre1. Please advise

  • Michael Mastro

    Michael Mastro - 2012-06-25
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  • Robert Krawitz

    Robert Krawitz - 2012-06-25
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  • Robert Krawitz

    Robert Krawitz - 2012-06-25

    Please don't adjust the priority; that's a support function.

  • mbroughtn

    mbroughtn - 2012-06-25

    We will need to get more specific. It may be that the address you entered for your printer is not on the same subnet as your router or outside the range of addresses your router can use.

    What is the IP address you entered for your printer?
    What is the subnet mask shown in your printer's configuration?
    What is the IP address of your computer?
    What is the subnet mask shown on your computer?

    Your router will most likely have a web based interface. If you use the web interface for your router, does it show that your printer is attached?

    I also notice that we had private correspondence on this issue last October (9 months ago). At that point I gave you extra references that for the Apple Discussion Boards where this problem has been addressed numerous times. Did you review the material in those posts? That is where I am get my information on these matters. Did you get your printer to work back then?

    Last October I wrote you--
    There are many, many posts regarding the LaserJet 4mv with OS X 10.6 on the Apple Support Discussions that would be of help to you. <https://discussions.apple.com/community/mac_os/mac_os_x_v10.6_snow_leopard#/?tagSet=1008> One discussion in particular is most helpful. You can find it at <https://discussions.apple.com/message/11493566#11493566>. You can also do a search of the discussions for the term "laserjet 4mv" to find many more threads regarding switching from AppleTalk to using an IP address.


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