#4 Debian gs-aladdin package with stp


Included in gimp-print are instructions to build the Debian distributed version of gs with the stp driver. This file will allow you to patch the gs-aladdin package as well.


Save this patch as gs-aladdin-stp.diff
Download the print-x.x.x.tar.gz file
Use apt-get to install the gs-aladdin source and all required support packages:

# apt-get source gs-aladdin
# apt-get install sharutils zlib1g-dev svgalibg1-dev libpng2-dev vflib2-dev libpaperg-dev

Copy or move the print distribution into gs-aladdin-x.xx/upstream:

# cp print-x.x.x.tar.gz gs-aladdin-x.xx/upstream

Patch the gs-aladdin build system:

# patch -p0 < gs-aladdin-stp


# cd gs-aladdin-x.xx
# debian/rules binary

And install

# cd ..
# dpkg -i gs-aladdin-x.xx-x.deb

The x's signify version numbers, I developed and tested this with print 4.1.1 and gs-aladdin 6.50-2. The patch doesn't change the debian/changelog or debian/control files.


  • Martijn Pieters

    Martijn Pieters - 2001-01-15


  • Martijn Pieters

    Martijn Pieters - 2001-01-15

    Urg, Sourceforge renders the comment as HTML. Newlines can be reconstructed by looking at the source of this page then :)
    Erm, note that the patch is (has to be) hardcoded on print-4.1.1. If you want to use it with future version of gimp-print, you'll have to search and replace the version number in the patch (it is used to decompress the archive and to move the stp files over).

  • Robert Krawitz

    Robert Krawitz - 2001-01-15

    Please send this to gimp-print-devel@sourceforge.net.

  • Robert Krawitz

    Robert Krawitz - 2001-02-11

    The Debian packaging is being completely redone by Roger.

  • Robert Krawitz

    Robert Krawitz - 2001-02-11
    • status: open-out-of-date --> closed-out-of-date

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