On Nov 13, 2009, at 3:13 PM, edmund ronald wrote:
So, while you may be able to use custom printer profiles with off-the-shelf
printer drivers under specific circumstances, most people lack the knowledge
or equipment to actually make use of those profiles, so I say they are of
limited usefulness with less than ideal results.

I strongly disagree. Professional photographers and enthusiasts are
now every day downloading custom profiles from media vendor sites,
they are buying solutions such as ColorMunki and Spyder3Print.

Indeed, but there is no reason for these profiles to be specified in the print dialog. Install the profile (for the user or everyone on the system) and it will get used automatically when the corresponding media or ink is used.

labs use Mac systems by the thousands with standard inkjet drivers and
custom media profiles to do big enlargements.

Yes, and they have professionals that test and configure things for every printer they use. I never said it was impossible to use profiles with standard drivers, just very confusing due to all of the vendor options and bad defaults.

Every Photoshop photo
tutorial book now documents profiled printing with custom profiles.
Enough already. Give us back our ability to print targets, and let us
then choose a forum for the public discussion of desirable exposed
features of inkjet drivers - I suggest this be debated within the ICC
Digital Photography Workgroup.

I humbly suggest that what you want is a utility that allows the user to print targets and generate/install ICC profiles for a particular combination of printer, media, and other settings. If you have to select a profile at print time, then the printing workflow is broken.

Michael Sweet, Senior Printing System Engineer