Printer icc profile in photoprint / gutenprin

  • jos van riswick

    jos van riswick - 2013-02-11


    Day 2 of getting good color from my epson stylus photo r3000 / opensuse 12.2 / gutenprint 5.2.9

    Goal: correct color output of the printer using an custom icc profile generated by argyll, measured with colormunki photo spectrophotometer

    I dont know where to put the printer icc profile in gimp. There only seems to be an option to generate a print simulation. But I want to *correct* my output, not view in advance how bad the output will be !

    So I found this program 'photoprint' which seems to be able to load a printer icc profile for correcting the output. I generated an icc profile for the printer and did a test print using the same settings. The print used to be much too saturated with yellow cast. Now the print's saturation is too low and has a pronounced blue cast. Photoprint does have a 'print simulation mode' and when switching to this, the print looks about the same as displayed on the screen, ie the image turns blue.

    But why? Isnt the printer profile supposed to correct the output to match the original image as much as possible, not *distort* it? The original image's colors seem to lie inside the gamut of the printer (with no color management, the image prints much too saturated)… …….

  • Robert Krawitz

    Robert Krawitz - 2013-02-12

    Use the "convert" function in Gimp with perceptual intent to convert the file into the printer space, and then print the file with the same settings as were used for printing the profile target. Details about color management in various programs can be found here:

  • jos van riswick

    jos van riswick - 2013-02-12

    thnx! That works… Unfortunately the print looks worse than without profile :-S. aaarghh. With no profile, the printed image has a warm/yellow color cast and looks too saturated. With the profile, the image has a blue color cast, saturation is less..

  • Robert Krawitz

    Robert Krawitz - 2013-02-12

    How did you generate the profile for the printer?  It sounds like the profile you generated isn't appropriate.

    Make sure you print with otherwise exactly the same settings as when you generated the profile (same paper, resolution, etc).


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