Rick - 2009-04-23


Mac OS X 10.4.11
hp laserjet 1200

Recently switched to Gutenprint - has been very good for reducing print time on graphics-rich documents, like web pages, etc.

However, my primary printing use is for sheet music (that I prepare using Finale).  The print quality, which was terrific with my Apple driver, now resembles a 1995 ink-jet printer in terms of what I'll call smoothness.

Horizontal lines are uneven and inconsistent in thickness.  Curves and diagonal lines are jaggy.

Scoured Gutenprint FAQs... tried adding  the code to Mac's "Terminal" program inre converting from PS to raster (or whatever that was about).
Any suggestions?

Can you email me offline? <hirschmusic@mac.com>

Many thanks!
~  Rick