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  • colorfinger

    colorfinger - 2011-09-23

    I tried to use the mail list but it says I am Read-Only… Lame…. Robert Krawitz if you are listening.

    I would like to set Gutenprint to always print with the largest available drop size available on my Epson T1100 printer.  I know I have to select the correct XML file… I'm just not sure how to go about making this change. 

    Thanks… Bob ?;O)

    > Is there a way to force an Epson printer to use the highest drop
    > size by editing the XML file for that printer?

    Yes; you can edit
    /usr/share/gutenprint/5.2/xml/escp2/model/model_xx.xml (where the xx
    comes from the model number in …xml/printers.xml).

    Are you trying to only use the largest drop size in the set, or the
    set of drop sizes with the largest drops?

    • Robert Krawitz 
  • colorfinger

    colorfinger - 2011-10-11

    Thanks Robert,  I couldn't get in with my previous user… Are we simply changing the values to 1?

    <parameter type="float" name="DropSize1">1.000000</parameter>
    <parameter type="float" name="DropSize2">1.000000</parameter>
    <parameter type="float" name="DropSize3">1.000000</parameter>

  • colorfinger

    colorfinger - 2011-10-11

    We want to only use the largest drop size at all times.  This helps us to preclude clogging in the heads.

    Thanks… Bob ?;O)


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