HP deskjet 710c

  • meywer

    meywer - 2012-01-04

    Hello, is there anybody able to tell me the unprintable margins with this printer?

    (By the way, I had the problem with a canon pixma ip4300, that the linux canon-driver allowed me to print cca. 5-6 mm close to the end of the paper while the gutenprint-driver didn't print mor then 1 cm at the end of the paper!
    So please tell the driver too.)

    Thank you very much


  • mbroughtn

    mbroughtn - 2012-01-05

    The Gutenprint drivers do not support the HP DeskJet 710c.  That printer is supported by the pnm2ppa driver from OpenPrinting.org.

    In regards your inquiry about the PIXMA iP4300, do you get that same bottom margin for all resolutions?  It appears that the driver calls for a bottom margin of about 0.53 cm.  Your comment about the margins of the PIXMA iP4300 will be viewed by the Canon driver maintainer.

  • Gernot Hassenpflug

    Matt, thanks for the call.

    Hi Werner,
    I'm the Canon driver maintainer. As Matt points out, the bottom margin for the iP4300 is set at just 15 points, or 15/72 = 0.208in = 5.3mm. This is a fairly common limit set for many of the Canon printers in the driver.

    Perhaps there is a miscalculation in the page size, or some other default overriding the specs given here. I'd need more information: what paper size do you use?

    In the meantime, these are the iP4300 margin settings in the driver, in points (72 points = 1 inch, and 1 inch = 25.4mm):

    left: 10 points
    right: 10 points
    top: 15 points
    bottom: 15 points

    If you can send me a printjob from the linux Canon driver that you know prints to within 5-6mm of the bottom edge of the paper (and tell me what paper size you used) then I can compare the Windows driver and gutenprint driver outputs and get an idea of where something might not be matching up.
    Your test printjob should be as small as possible (zipped) and use draft resolution (whatever the Canon driver offers there, maybe 300DPI or "Fast/Draft Quality" or some such notation).

    You can get my email address from the gimp-print mailing list archives.
    Gernot Hassenpflug

  • Gernot Hassenpflug

    Regarding iP4300, here an update to page setting information.
    - A4 paper size setting used.
    - Windows and Gutenprint driver page settings output.
    - units: pt=points (72pt=1inch, 1inch = 25.4mm)
                 pure numbers are in units of 1/600 inch

    - comments:
      1. printed length, paper length seem very close
      2. area_length only differs by 2.5mm
      3. top margin for gutenprint seems 2mm more

    - I don't see any reason why A4 paper should not print to very close to the bottom of the paper.

    - I would like to see an example of your experiment (printjobs which I can analyse) with the Canon linux driver and the gutenprint driver in comparison with the same paper/media/source tray settings.

    A4 paper
    height 842pt 297mm
    width 595pt 210mm

    printed length 819pt
    printed width 576pt
    area_right 80 3.4mm
    area_top 70 3.0mm
    area_width 4800 203.2mm
    area_length 6827 289mm
    paper_right 0 0mm
    paper_top 0 0mm
    paper_width 4961 210mm
    paper_length 7016 297mm
    printed length 812pt
    printed width 576pt
    area_right 83 3.5mm
    area_top 125 5.3mm
    area_width 4791 202.8mm
    area_length 6766 286.4mm
    paper_right 0 0mm
    paper_top 0 0mm
    paper_width 4958 209.9mm
    paper_length 7016 297mm

    Gernot Hassenpflug
    For every problem there is a simple, elegant, wrong solution.

  • meywer

    meywer - 2012-01-05


    Thank you for the infos about the canon printer.

    Who could know more about the bottom-margin of the HP deskjet 710c?




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