Epson Artisan 810 Print head problem.

  • Magret

    Magret - 2012-11-08

    Epson Artisan 810 with a ciss.

    Black started printing spotty, so I ran a nozzle check and the Black only is showing up with broken bands on the paper.

    Tried a few head cleans and the bands more around but are pretty much still there.

    Pulled the print head off and soaked it in a nice solution of very warm windex.  Put everything back together and still the exact same results.  All colors check good but the black is still missing bands ( Or lines, whatever you want to call them )

    On other printers I've had I've been very successful in pushing a very warm solution of windex through the print head through the spikes.

    However, no matter what I try I cannot get any color to take any cleaning solution.

    What other options am I left with here to really get this thing clean and back running again.

    For the nozzle check I'd say I'm missing about 25% of the bands or lines or whatever you want to call 'em


  • John B.

    John B. - 2013-03-03

    Hello! I know this series very good!

    Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE push ANYTHING inside this printer model PX/Artisan 810,20,30!
    This printer uses internal sophisticated two damper pressure CISS-like system. This printer model keeps the tubing between cartridges and printing head under constant pressure.

    There is a set of dampers in cartridge are, that PREVENT pressure inside the printhead  (cartridge->printhead) unless electronically allowed.

    There is another set of dampers INSIDE printhead, that PREVENT pressure when sucking backwards, ie (printhead->cartridge) FROM UNDER the printhead. IF you do this, your printhead is BLOCKED and will need to be disassembled (usual epson security precautions to prevent fluid drops on electronic and cables applies here), but pressure removed first.

    If you search good enough, you can find a manual how to do that. You will have to carefully pull all air you introduced out of the printhead. The in-printhead dampers are very fragile and sit under the thin plastic film. You will also need to assemble the printhead afterwards, and this correctly - otherwise there is chance for ink to depressurize between tubing and printhead - destroying the printhead.

    I hope you didn't do this. So stop what you are doing. You should buy professional headcleaning solution, for example Inktec CS 1 Liter and then head 20 ml to 60 Degree and carefully drop about 7ml into pump area. Then you should buy either refillable catridges or arm normal catridges with heated printhead cleaning fluid instead of ink (and reset them ofcourse) and this way run several (5-8) cleaning cycles and then print about 100 photo-quality papers, so the fluid reaches printhead like normal ink. This is best option. After this, let printer soak in this solution for 1-2 days or more. Eventually maximum in a week, all your problems will be solved. If not - print more with printing fluid-primed cartridges. Epson has no problem with that because its piezo-based. Sure, you will waste content of one cartridge, but it is really the easiest and fastest option. You better NOT even try to disassemble the printhead on this printer.

    And of course, the usual Epson waste-pad reset applies here, you will also need to manually replace the wastepad (I use carefully formed and cut  many-layer toilet paper as replacement for epson wastepad).

    I hope my advice is not coming to late.


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