BH_vandy - 2011-10-11

Hello guys,

I'm new to the project, but I was looking at the printer file for the Epson Stylus CX6400 (79 if I found the right driver), and there is no support for resolution beyond 2880x1440. The Epson information claims it can go as high as 5760x1440; has this option just not been programmed into the driver?

Also, I'm interested in using these drivers to make the printer use 1 nozzle at a time, or just 1 nozzle period. Does anyone have any resources they can point me towards for information on this? I saw the developers manual talk about it, and I'm thinking I can just change the nozzle parameters in the driver file, but I'm not sure if that would work.

I apologize if this post should have been split in two, but I thought I'd try. Thanks!