#647 Multiple issues with Canon printers in an Android app


Our company uses GutenPrint drivers in PrinterShare app for Android available through Google Play. After 5.2.8 GutenPrint driver update, we have received numerous reports from Canon printer users, who claim that communication between the app and the printers has ceased -- simply put, printers do not print at all.
The following drivers have been reporting as non-operational when used with our app: Canon PIXMA MX860, Canon PIXMA iP3100, Canon PIXMA MG4100, Canon PIXMA MG5300, Canon Pixma MG6200
The previous version Gutenprint 5.2.8-pre1 works wonderfully with the aforementioned printers.
We’re printing through Gutenprint system using IJS protocol (your IJS sever module) and PPD pritner description (obtained by using foomatic).


  • Gernot Hassenpflug

    Hi Tech Support,
    I need the following information, er printer:

    0. printing system type (CUPS, lpd, etc.)
    1. printer driver version
    2. printer settings
    - media type
    - media size
    - media source
    - color model
    - resolution/mode
    - inktype
    - inkset (if available)
    - any other options passed to the driver
    3. nature of problem
    - does not print at all
    - prints but stops during printing, requiring power reset of printer
    - prints but scaling issues (specifics needed)
    - prints but (some) colors too light/dark (specifics needed)
    - prints but colors not registered (separated)
    - prints, but white lines in printout
    - any other type of problem

    If there are problems with several printers at once, it is also
    necessary to check other parts of the printing system, such as CUPS
    (if used).
    I don't understand why you use foomatic PPDs. Gutenprint produces PPDs for the printers, I have no idea if the foomatic PPDs work or not.
    Gernot Hassenpflug

  • Robert Krawitz

    Robert Krawitz - 2016-12-04

    Note that Foomatic is removed as of 5.2.12.


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