#637 Trouble with "InkType" option


I have Canon MP250 and a truble with determine witch colors it print - black, CMY (RGB) or CMYK.
In parameter "InkType" in CUPS page I can see only "CMY Color". In PPD only one choice "RGB/CMY Color" for InkType defined.

I think this bug is a common and more deep problem.
Look, we define InkType in two places: canon-modes.h and in "InkType" printer options (in ppd)
Number of choices in InkType options determine by default print mode.
For Canon MP250 default mode is 12 (600x600 DPI PHOTO). Let's look on it definition:

{ 600, 600,CANON_INK_CMY,"600x600dpi_photo",N_("600x600 DPI PHOTO"),INKSET(13_C4M4Y4),MODE_FLAG_EXTENDED_T,NULL,1.0,1.0,NULL,NULL,NULL,2}

Only one color inktype selection possible for this mode - CANON_INK_CMY. When genppd ask driver for printer options it return only one possible choice for "InkType" from default mode.
Ok. Let's try fix that - we define proper default mode with all possible ink types:

{ 600, 600,CANON_INK_CMY|CANON_INK_CMYK|CANON_INK_K,"600x600dpi_custom_ink",N_("600x600 DPI CUSTOM INK"),INKSET(13_C3M3Y3K3),MODE_FLAG_EXTENDED_T,NULL,1.0,1.0,NULL,NULL,NULL,2}

And i think now we get right PPD with all inktypes supported by printer.

But there is another problem. InkTypes that defined in printer modes in canon-modes.h never work.
canon_printhead_colors() always select inktype from InkType options.
And we can select CMYK for mode with INKSET(13_K3).


  • BDenis

    BDenis - 2011-11-16
    • summary: Truble with "InkType" option --> Trouble with "InkType" option
  • Gernot Hassenpflug


    I'm the current maintainer of the Canon backend. Thanks for your comments.

    Probably we should discuss in email, since I don't have a good enough knowledge of what is expected to happen.

    What I do know is that the MP250 has 3 operating modes, set by the "cartridge selection" option which is not implemented in gutenprint/CUPS yet and is set to "both" (the other options would be "black only", applicable to some combinations of modes and media, and "color only").

    I have actually corrected some things in the modes for the MP250 in the last day, so should you have time to look, please see the latest CVS gutenprint code.
    In particular, the default mode has been changed to the highest-resolution plain media mode (which uses CMYK inks).

    To continue, a mode's ink selections are determined by whether the inkset for that mode has other inktypes it functions with. For the CMYK inksets these modes are CMYK only. For black, completely different inksets are used. At least, that is how I understand the masks used in the 3rd argument of the mode definition.

    I do not know if that is a correct understanding of how inksets and ink masks are supposed to function, so please discuss further. My email is aikishugyo at Gmail.

    Gernot Hassenpflug

  • Gernot Hassenpflug

    In later versions of gutenprint the Canon driver has provision for choosing the correct associated parameters for resolution modes, such as inkType, and taking care of consistency. Could you please see if behaviour matches your expectations? Maybe using 5.2.11 or 5.2.12 (this release has a bug with A4 papersize selection, so use different size).
    Best regards,
    Gernot Hassenpflug

  • Gernot Hassenpflug

    • status: open --> closed-fixed
    • Group: --> 5.0-open

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