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Adaptive Contrast Enhancement for GIMP: 1st stable release

Adaptive Contrast Enhancement for GIMP has reached its first stable release, featuring on-line help, a preview window, and of course, it's BugFree!

Posted by Kevin M. Turner 2000-06-19

GIMP 1.2 Approacheth

The recent GIMP 1.1.20 has been dubbed the first "1.2pre" release, so 1.2.0 is now in sight. This means that all plug-ins in development should be aiming to be version 1.2 compatable (if they aren't already), and to assist in that the reference manual for the latest version of libgimp is available on-line. Note that the tutorial "Writing a GIMP Plug-in" is in need of a major overhaul to come in line with the new release. I'm working on that, but submissions to both the libgimp reference and the tutorial are always welcomed.... read more

Posted by Kevin M. Turner 2000-04-24

Gimp Plug-ins Database Open for Testing

The Plug-ins@SourceForge database is open for testing, at
Please send questions/comments/reservations to the gimp-plug-ins-discuss mailing list.

Things still on the TODO list:
* Release/version/download location tracker
* Browse by menu path

Posted by Kevin M. Turner 2000-02-21

New plug-ins

The Adaptive Contrast Enhancement plug-in is in CVS plug-ins/ace and has webpages at
The maze plug-in has webpages at
The document "Writing a GIMP Plug-in" has its DocBook source in CVS doc/Writing and a html rendering at

Posted by Anonymous 2000-01-29