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v0.16 open discussion

I've just created a new forum - v016 - to hold discussions on v0.16.
Feel free to post messages, even in anonymous user.

Please read my welcome message on it...


Posted by Cédric Dutoit 2003-03-26


I'm working now on a new architecture for Gimini 0.16.
v0.15 was the last update for the old architecture.
The current architecture is far from the best, and it was difficult to maintain the program, and I think that these implies the extremly slow refresh of a mindmap.

I'm working from zero to redo Gimini, helping myself with some goods patterns. I'm sure this is for the best of Gimini future.
Just be patient for next version, it could take some time.... read more

Posted by Cédric Dutoit 2003-03-17

Gimini 0.15 news

Honestly, I've stopped Gimini devlopment one year ago, because I had no time.
Now, after many asking to continue development, I'm working on it.

I just finished some bigs refactoring which improve code management.
I also merged some users patch and would like to thanks everyone who send me patches.

The CVS version is now working.

I'll do some testing now to improve stability before posting a new version.... read more

Posted by Cédric Dutoit 2003-02-17

Current state and future

You've probably seen no newer version 'till 2001.
This is because I have no time to make one; I'm studying and working on others projects like PyUt (

I'll make a newer version, or I hope so, but I need to do some beeg refactoring on code; perhaps recode from scratch.

This will take some time so be patient...


Posted by Cédric Dutoit 2002-09-14

v0.14 download problem (invalid archive)

I got big problems with this release :
I uploaded files on sourceforge, but sf forgot to
take the last bytes of the .tar.gz and .zip files.
I re-tried later : same problem.
In fact, it seems to be a transmission problem between the sourceforge ftp server and cygwins'.
But ncftpput works well and now the two files for release v0.14 are Ok...
I haven't fixed this problem sooner because my internet connection crashed... :-( ... until today !... read more

Posted by Cédric Dutoit 2002-02-07

Gimini 0.14 : Plugins support

Gimini v0.14 now support plugins for node types, but can be used to insert menus and buttons to the application.
Soon will follow new plugins and with them new features.
.gmi file format is now XML file format...

If you want to code something in Gimini or if you want to send me some ideas, fell free to do it => - ICQ=9657082
(I'll answer on weekends)

'Hope you like Gimini !

Posted by Cédric Dutoit 2002-02-03

Gimini 0.13 : Exe distribution splitted

The exe distribution is now splitted in two package :
gimini-exe-base and gimini-exe-prg.
The first package contain python and wxPython(gui) runtime. The second contain the prg.
The goal of splitting is to download only the updated part of the exe distribution, and not all the package, wich was beginning to be large.
gimini-exe-base will so stay the same until noticed, so until a big update of Python/wxPython.... read more

Posted by Cédric Dutoit 2001-11-30

Gimini 0.13 : LaTeX Exportation + ...

New ! You can now export LaTeX picture. Come soon : resizing; eps exportation.

Also new :
- Copy/Paste
- Change Height of the space between nodes.

If you have any wish or if you see any bugs, let me know !

C.Dutoit /

Posted by Cédric Dutoit 2001-11-30

v0.11 is out ! // todo plan

Gimini v0.11 is out !
Done :
- Improved printing
- New menu shortcuts
- New icons
- Best separation left/right

Todo in future versions :
- Best interface
- Variable text width/font
- Internationalization
- Zoom on one node, zoom selection
- Copy/Paste
- Node types : Links file/WEB
- Attached to node : Memo
- Plugins ?
- Export selected nodes
- hide a view / more views
- open many files at one time
- insert tex objects ?
- LaTeX exportation as picture
- Draft/Production mode
- xml exportation
- html exportation ?
- Mindmap synchronisation
- Drag'n'drop
- export as bitmap
- Best node moving ; icon
- ... you idea here ? ...... read more

Posted by Cédric Dutoit 2001-11-03

Gimini 0.09

Gimini 0.09 will be soon online with new features :
- new graphic motor, entirely recoded from scratch, will bring the ability to personalize the node type. In future versions, you'll be able to change the size fonts, insert pictures, ...
- ability to change the selected node with the keyboard
- ...

If you have feature request, i'll be interested to read them ! Please send me a mail => read more

Posted by Cédric Dutoit 2001-10-14


After many hours on the problem of pygettext, I found out that :
- It seems that pygettext does not support file merging, and i have no time in patching pygettext to support merging. I found no other way to do that, even with xgettext or gnu gettext.
- I don't know if it will work only under unix (and linux) or not
- I didn't find a good documentation and my English is not enough good to understand those i found... read more

Posted by Cédric Dutoit 2001-09-23

Gimini 0.07

Gimini 0.07 is out.
This is not a developer version !

I made some improvement, such as node moving or help.
In next versions I'll try to focuse Gimini on internationalization and multiline nodes.
If you have some suggestion to do => or by ICQ : UIN=9657082
Thanks for supporting/using Gimini !


Log for Gimini 0.07... read more

Posted by Cédric Dutoit 2001-09-15

Mindmapping ? +0.06 comments

English Version (Version Franaise plus loin)

Hello world !

Mindmapping ?

Some Sourceforge users are downloading Gimini but don't understand what to do with.
Gimini is a freeware to create and edit mindmaps.
But what is a mindmap ? a technic to create resums, take notes, present a work result...

Mindmapping has been invented by Tony Buzan in 70s. It's the ideal companion for
students and every day life.
To know more about mindmaps, please consult the following web site : read more

Posted by Cédric Dutoit 2001-09-07

Gimini 0.04 is out !

new version for Gimini, with improved load/save, less bugs, more usable...

Next versions are dedicated to improve the drawing and internationalize the program, with bugs correcting or node moving.

If you have ideas to improve this software, don't hesitate to send me a mail to
If you want to develop a part of gimini, you're welcome to do so !


Posted by Cédric Dutoit 2001-08-14

Version 0.3 available

I'd like to welcome you to this new program.
gimini is a program for creating mindmap. It is programmed with python and wxPython, a portable GUI.
For next week, i'll try to do update twice a week, perhaps more, perhaps less. But I plan to work hardly to make this program a great one...
Now version 0.3 is available to download. The latest version is always available via cvs before on file release. For each version, i'll try to do a windows exe-file (py2exe).... read more

Posted by Cédric Dutoit 2001-08-10

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