Support for Japanese and Chinese Language

  • Kalchakr

    Kalchakr - 2013-08-01


    I have installed the necessary tesseract language pack for Japanese and Chinese language but not able to view the language in the gImageReader GUI. Could you please help?


  • Kalchakr

    Kalchakr - 2013-08-01

    Looks like it is working now.

    • Barrie Treloar

      Barrie Treloar - 2014-07-16

      A description of what you did to get it working would have been useful!

      Having a vague understanding of tesseract, I had a look inside the gImageReader folder.

      C:\Program Files (x86)\gImageReader\share\tessdata is where the training data needs to be installed.

      The README.txt in that directory explains what you need to do

      • Visit

      • Download the desired language definition

      • Extract the downloaded file, and place the extracted *.traineddata file inside this folder

      • If gImageReader is running, select "Redetect Languages" from the application menu, or restart the application


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