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Gilead adapter for Google AppEngine

This is the very first release of the Gilead adapter for Google App Engine.
It allows you to send your persistent entity to GWT without the serialization exception that currently prevent it.
Of course, the adapter also permit to get the entity back on server and save it seamlessly.

You can get the first milestone in Download sectio and documentation at read more

Posted by Bruno Marchesson 2009-05-22

Gilead : Release 1.2.3 and sample for GWT 1.6

This maintenance release fixes a short list of bugs and provides some improvements (on UnionCustomBeanTransformer).
It also provides an "official" support of GWT 1.6.

A new sample, simpler than previous one, is also available, based on the new GWT 1.6.

Hope this helps !

Posted by Bruno Marchesson 2009-05-14

Gilead: Release 1.2.2

Gilead permits you to use your Hibernate POJO (and especially the partially loaded ones) outside the JVM (GWT, Flex, XML, ...) without pain. No lazy initialisation or serialization exception. Just POJO and Domain Driven Design :) !

This release is a maintenance one, fixing half a dozen bugs, and providing many improvements.
A particular work was made on improving performances (do not forget to update your beanlib libraries !), and hibernate-jpa-util is now merged with hibernate-util JAR.

Posted by Bruno Marchesson 2009-03-12

Release 1.2.1

This maintenance release solves many issues (see release notes for details) and should be used as replacement of previous release.
It also adds some new improvements, from Gilead contributors :

* Maven support
* comet4gwt, providing comet support for GWT (you can now send persistent entities from server to clients !)
* CustomBeanTransformer to allow Gilead users to define their own transformers... read more

Posted by Bruno Marchesson 2009-02-06

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