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Giki 1.5.2 Released!

Bugfixes only:
- Fixed a bug in GWS which caused [this|style] of link to fail to
render in tables.
- Fixed a bug in parse.php which caused links with & and other special
symbols not to render properly.
- Fixed a bug in GWS which caused non-closing <pre> tags to hang.
- Added simple help to edit.php on making links.

Posted by Gregor Richards 2006-08-28

Giki 1.5.1 Released!

Version 1.5.1:
- Really stupid bug in adduser.php: malnamed field.

Posted by Gregor Richards 2006-05-24

Giki 1.5.0 Released!

This is a large, very belated release that desperately needed to be made. It may still be a tad bit buggy, but should work great.
- Logins now plugin-based.
- list.php now sorts the listed nodes.
- Logins and the database are now both modularized and plugin-able :)
- A preview button for edits, at long last.
- Use require_once instead of include to try to lessen weird errors.
- Registration plugins are allowed, to prevent registration in certain
- Links can now have foreign characters.

Posted by Gregor Richards 2006-05-06

Giki 1.4.5 Released!

I hate releasing merely to fix bugs ... because that means the software had outstanding bugs :(.

This release fixes a problem with histories. An improvement turned into a bug.

Posted by Gregor Richards 2006-02-19

Giki 1.4.4 Released!

In the process of fixing subnode support in 1.4.3, I broke subnode support in 1.4.3 .... whoops :P

Posted by Gregor Richards 2006-02-11

Giki 1.4.3 Released!

At long last, Giki 1.4.3 is out. Here's the changelog:
- Optional logging of login attempts.
- Updated German language translation.
- Improved subnode parsing integration.
- [image:...] embedded images.

Posted by Gregor Richards 2006-02-11

Giki 1.4.1 Released!

Giki 1.4.1 fixes some bugs and adds a nice feature:
- Added remotelog.txt functionality (thanks halojoy)
- pre plugins
- The history page now always shows the proper title

I've also updated the template to use CSS instead of tables. The old table-based template is still available in template.table.html

Posted by Gregor Richards 2005-07-21

Giki 1.4.0 Released! (SECURITY!)

Giki 1.4.0 fixes a potentially nasty injection bug, and also changes .inc files to .php files so they won't be world-readable.

Posted by Gregor Richards 2005-07-18

Giki 1.3.1 Released!

Added a handy parser for plugins, stdGikiParse, received a Spanish language translation (Thanks pgimeno!), and added some new gikiplugins (which NEED 1.3.1):
A WikiHiero plugin to render Hieroglyphs
A BBCode plugin for those who prefer BBCode syntax to GWS

Posted by Gregor Richards 2005-07-17

Giki 1.3.0 Released!

1.3.0 adds quite a few nice features, but fixes no severe bugs. If you feel like upgrading, go ahead, but there's no pressing need. If you want to have your sidebar be editable within the wiki ... well, then you'll probably want to upgrade :)

Posted by Gregor Richards 2005-07-07

Giki 1.2 Released!

Giki changelog:
Version 1.2:
- Inserted all new text back into the languages files - hence the German language file is
now out of date.
- Made file uploading an option.
- Adjusted parsing such that $plugins would not turn into the list of plugins within a node.
- Changed simple plugins to a variant of the MIT/X Consortium license

Posted by Gregor Richards 2005-05-28

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