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2532|Gigs v1.2 [stable] Released

This release marks our first stable version. This includes 2 bug fixes from our v1.1 branch. You can now set your number of gigs via $number and it will work. We also added the date function to show_gigs. So, the date format you set in the control panel will be used to display the date on your site.

The ONLY changes came to show_gigs.php and gig_settings.inc.php (changed version number).

Updating: To update your copy; download v1.2 and upload all files overwriting the current ones. No changes were made to the database. DO NOT overwrite diagnostic.php and gig_settings.inc.php (this will cause the installer to repeat). Open your gig_settings.inc.php in a text editor and change the $version at the bottom to v1.2 (we are working on moving this from gig_settings).

Remember you can get support via our forums at www.2532gigs.com (not via email).

Posted by J. Fleeting 2007-06-22

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