#46 Incorrect documentation for EGifPutExtensionLeader and EGifPutExtensionBlock


There is an error in the documentation file doc/gif_lib.xml, which is the source for gif_lib.html.

The error is in the documentation of the functions EGifPutExtensionLeader
and EGifPutExtensionBlock, which changed from previous versions of giflib, which used EGifPutExtensionFirst and EGifPutExtensionLast. The parameters to these functions in the documentation don't match the parameters to the functions in the giflib/include/gif_lib.h file that is installed (which is ground truth), and need to be updated.

This is an important point, because folks that (like me) have to update source code written for older versions of giflib to be compatible with the latest release are going to be very confused when trying to figure things out.

If I felt more confident in my knowledge of giflib I'd submit suggested text for the corrected documentation, but I'm still feeling my way around. I'm 100% confident, though that what is there is NOT correct.


  • Anonymous - 2013-07-29

    The documentation for int EGifSpew(GifFileType *GifFile, int GifFileHandle)
    is also incorrect----the second parameter doesn't exist.

    I'm not sure from reading the code and the (incorrect) documentation what the correct procedure would be for reading a gif into a GifFileType* in core via DGifSlurp, and then writing it back out to a different file name with EGifSpew. I'll study the source code of some of the utilities, but at the moment, it's all a bit bewildering.

  • Anonymous - 2013-07-29

    Ok, after looking at gifsponge, I see it out---one can achieve the effect by playing around with file descriptors, etc. Neverthless, the documentation is still out of sync with the code in a number of places.

  • Eric S. Raymond

    Eric S. Raymond - 2013-08-29
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  • Eric S. Raymond

    Eric S. Raymond - 2013-08-29
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