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Version 0.1.3 Released !!!

I've added devices detection
and user chain wizard ( at now support only some
basic TCP service, but more will come soon )

Play with the new version and if you've some
suggestion/comment write to mailto:iptablesfrontend@libero.it

Posted by GianlucaRusso 2007-05-04

Version 0.1.2 Released

Latest version. Try it, it is almost completed ( the core at least )

Posted by GianlucaRusso 2007-04-22

Released 0.1.1

Added multiport match
Added state
minot bugs corrected

Posted by GianlucaRusso 2007-04-22

Version 0.1.0 Released

This one is an almost stable release create with the new completely re-designed structure.
Try it and send me feed backup and suggestion.
In the meanwhile I'll work for fixing major bugs and developping other important functionality.
Some wizard tools will come soon

Posted by GianlucaRusso 2007-04-13

Version 0.0.2 Develop

I've started the dvelopment of the second release.I've revsited everything.
The core is almost completed , but the GUI must be designe at all.
New doc is available for this release

Posted by GianlucaRusso 2007-03-12