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AFPL Ghostscript 6.61 developer release

I'm pleased to announce the 6.61 developer release of AFPL
Ghostscript. The big news in this release is continuing development of
the PDF 1.4 transparency and blending imaging model. This release
supports all blending modes, in addition to both isolated and
non-isolated groups, and knockout groups. The latter is noteworthy
because of its need for two alpha channels (one for opacity, one for
shape). The big feature missing is masks, but it should be possible to
play with this release anyway. If you're interested in looking at the
PDF 1.4 rendering code, most of the action is in gdevpnga.c and

At the moment, the only application I know of which can generate PDF
1.4 files is Adobe Illustrator 9. If you know of others, or if you are
willing to test Ghostscript's rendering with AI9, please let me know.

This will be one of the last development releases before we enter a
formal beta. We're hoping to get the 7.0 stable release out the door
by Seybold Boston, April 9. It's a pretty tight schedule, but with
luck we'll be able to make it.

Thanks to the rest of the Ghostscript crew for the usual round of bug
fixes and improvements. Among other things, we've hopefully fixed the
CRLF line endings that create problems with Windows 95 and 98. Let us
know if we missed a spot.

The 6.61 release is available for download at:

Posted by Anonymous 2001-02-24

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