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Separation a Color PostScript

  • Jeff Bearer

    Jeff Bearer - 2002-07-09

    I've spent the afternoon searching theinternet but to no avail.

    I'm trying to see if it's possible to script a process to take a color CMYK postscript file and convert it into color seperated files.  From all the infromation I can find this is always done in Quark or Latex etc. but is it possible to get the seperations out of a color postscript file?

    If I can't do that then I'll settle for this method, taking a seperated postscript file (from quark) and combine it into a composite.  I saw that this should be possible in version 8 of GhostScript, it's not available yet is it?

    • Rod Webster

      Rod Webster - 2002-07-10

      Have a look at Aurora at
      It allows you to separate files but is limited to Level 1 code. This probably won't worry you with Quark because I think its code is all Level 1 anyway