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  • mike-oz

    mike-oz - 2008-06-05

    Dear folks,

    I've been using ghostscript that came with my Mac, some 4-5 years ago. After OS upgrades it is now
    AFPL 8.51 and I've been using it as a PS distiller and view the pdf with Preview.
    This arrangement has many advantages.

    One problem bugged me from the beginning with 3d lit surfaces. Between joining quadrilaterals I saw a 1 pixel wide gap.
    Experimenting a bit: Preview alone or Acrobat alone are all right. Preview's pstopdf produces a pdf that is ok with Acrobat.
    Ghostscript (1.2 - 1.5) produces a pdf that is ok with Acrobat.

    The only wrong combination is: ghostscript with Preview.
    So I thought I would upgrade my ghostscript if possible, but got more than what I can handle.
    There are so many versions around that I could spend a lot of time trying them all, and maybe find out that even
    those can't work properly with  Preview.

    Could you please advise me what ghostscript should I consider? AFPL, GPL, gnu, ...?
    If you are interested in the phenomenon, I've reduced it to this:


    /M_ { moveto } def
    /D_ { lineto } def
    /C_ { closepath } def
    /F_ { fill } def

    2.83 dup scale      

    %-+------- co-ords of two joining rectangles

      /x1  10 def
      /x2  30 def
      /x3  50 def
      /y1 120 def
      /y2 160 def

      0 setgray

    %-+------- pos-pos

      x1 y1 M_ x2 y1 D_ x2 y2 D_ x1 y2 D_ C_ F_     % left , pos   
      x2 y1 M_ x3 y1 D_ x3 y2 D_ x2 y2 D_ C_ F_     % right, pos

    %-+------- pos-neg

      70 0 translate

      x2 y1 M_ x3 y1 D_ x3 y2 D_ x2 y2 D_ C_ F_     % right, pos
      x2 y1 M_ x1 y1 D_ x1 y2 D_ x2 y2 D_ C_ F_     % left , neg

    %-+------- neg-neg

      70 0 translate

      x3 y1 M_ x2 y1 D_ x2 y2 D_ x3 y2 D_ C_ F_     % right, neg
      x2 y1 M_ x1 y1 D_ x1 y2 D_ x2 y2 D_ C_ F_     % left , neg


    For me the first two produces the gap, going around clockwise in path-construction is strangely ok.

    Thanks for any thoughts,


    • Ralph Giles

      Ralph Giles - 2008-06-05

      GPL Ghostscript 8.62 was our last release, and the one we recommend. We no longer develop the AFPL version; those should be considered obsolete.

    • mike-oz

      mike-oz - 2008-06-09

      Thank you Ralph,

      I was looking forward the installation of 8.62 and put aside a Saturday for this. Yes, I did not have a README, and flew by instinct.
      I got the tons of messages but at the end a ..../bin directory was created and a gs was lurking in it.

      I ran the above test and 8.62's pdf was properly displayed by Preview. However, the most sophisticated stuff still displayed the gaps.
      I guess I am in for a weekend-long analysis of what's wrong.

      Anyway, thanks for clearing up my confusion about so many ghostscripts.


    • TJ Hood

      TJ Hood - 2008-12-18

      I'm trying to convert ps to pdf and I'm tryning to get some informations about the ghostscript, but I'm still confuse about it. Where can I get some of the example using Ghostscript program to convert ps to pdf?
      Thanks very much,


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