#2 Unable to boot into GhostBSD from media

Software Bug
Eric Turgeon
Eric Turgeon

Which GhostBSD Release You Are Using: 3.0 OpenBox amd64

Environment (output of "uname -a" on the problem machine):

Full Description of the problem:
Reference :http://wiki.ghostbsd.org/index.php?title=Starting_GhostBSD_Live_Media
Will get to boot screen (code section of reference) showing loading of media
Boot process will then hang and not proceed to Boot Loader screen (first image of reference)

Noticed that MD5 sum is different. Re-downloading iso image does not resolve.
MD5 sum as shown in news section:
MD5 (GhostBSD3.0-openbox-amd64.iso) = 114d3e64f66911d895a8f679d989c749
MD5 sum consistently produced from downloaded iso image
2c5970493eb9a3cb3ce537a616d99808 GhostBSD3.0-openbox-amd64.iso

Using Firefox to download from site.
Using XfBurn in Debian Wheezy to burn to DVD

How to reproduce the problem: Problem is consistent with iso image

Fix to the problem if known: