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GMTL 0.6.0 released

GMTL 0.6.0 has been released. This is primarily a bug fix release relative to version 0.5.4. Additionally, the SCons build has been updated to work with the latest versions of SCons (up through 1.2.0) and Boost.Python (up through 1.38).

Posted by Patrick Hartling 2009-03-10

GMTL 0.5.3 released

GMTL 0.5.1 has been posted to SourceForge. This release has some important enhancements since the 0.4 series, including the following:

* Headers are installed into a versioned directory to allow for parallel GMTL installations.
* The use of pkg-config has been replaced by Flagpoll (visit for more information), also to allow for parallel GMTL installations.
* The new type gmtl::Frustum, submitted by Benjamin Schulz, has been added, and PyGMTL bindings for it are ready for use.
* A helper function called gmtl::convertTo<...>() has been added for quickly converting between gmtl::Matrix<...> instantiations that only vary by data type. See the header gmtl/Misc/MatrixConvert.h. This file requires the use of Boost.... read more

Posted by Patrick Hartling 2007-06-26

GMTL 0.4.12 released

GMTL 0.4.12 has been posted to SourceForge. A critical bug in the generated gmtl.pc file has been corrected. This change only affects non-Windows users and includes no changes to the GMTL C++ code. For that reason, new builds of PyGMTL have not been made for this release. The source can be downloaded from the following link: read more

Posted by Patrick Hartling 2006-11-10

GMTL 0.4.11 released

GMTL 0.4.11 has been posted to SourceForge. The motivating factor for this release was the addition of more overloads of gmtl::intersect(). The new additions implement intersection tests on axis-aligned bounding boxes using either rays or line segments. The source can be downloaded from the following link: read more

Posted by Patrick Hartling 2006-06-08

GMTL 0.4.5 released

GMTL 0.4.5 has been uploaded to SourceForge. It is a snapshot of the current CVS respository as of November 30, 2004, and it has been tagged in the repository as gmtl-release-0-4-5.

New and interesting things in this release include expression templates for gmtl::Vec* and pickling support for all PyGMTL data types (gmtl.Matrix44f, gmtl.Vec2d, etc.). There are a lot of imporvements and bug fixes, and upgrading is highly recommended.

Posted by Patrick Hartling 2004-11-30

GMTL 0.3.5 released

I just made a long-overdue change to PyGMTL that makes gmtl.Matrix44f.getData() and properly accessible. Since this is a fairly important addition to PyGMTL, I have marked the change with the release of GMTL 0.3.5. All changes made to GMTL since 0.3.3 was released have been related to the Python language bindings, so if you are not using PyGMTL, this release is of little significance.

Posted by Patrick Hartling 2004-07-12

GMTL 0.3.2 released

GMTL 0.3.2 was released today. It represents a snapshot of the CVS repository. It includes several bug fixes and feature additions since the last release. Please see the change log for details.

Posted by Patrick Hartling 2004-01-28

Generic Math Template Library 0.0.5 released

GMTL is a math library primarily for 2D/3D graphics and simulation development. It is currently being used on a number of virtual reality projects.

This is a preview version of GMTL, the API may still change in the future.

Posted by subatomic 2002-06-14