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glGo 0.0.6 released

Version 0.0.6 comes with an UGF parser (works with PandaNet mail magazine games), an autosave feature for IGS games for better integration with the new Playermanager 0.0.3 game index, a mechanism to open SGF files within a running glGo including a small python file you can use to associate .sgf files with in your browser and filemanager, and a couple of bugfixes and smaller improvements.

Posted by Peter Strempel 2003-11-24

glGo available

Version is available for download. It comes with a Python extension implementing a basic player database. Currently it does the same friend/bozo support as known from Java gGo. The goal is to make this easy to extend, which I plan to do in future releases. Suggestions and ideas about what features to include are welcome.

Posted by Peter Strempel 2003-11-13

glGo available

With release glGo the project slowly gets usable and leaves its prototype state. Although still far from implementing all the features, this versions fully supports all essential features for normal IGS usage, SGF editing and GNU Go playing.

Hope you enjoy it. :)

Posted by Peter Strempel 2003-11-04

gGo project active again

After half a year of inactivity here I decided to bring gGo back to open-source.

However, you will not find the Java client here - which will stay at the IGS-PandaNet webpage - but a new native C++ prototype with the codename "glGo", which aims to be the successor to the Java gGo some day when it is ready.

Posted by Peter Strempel 2003-10-01