Commit Date  
[r567] (HEAD) by thoran

fix for new ocaml toolchain

2011-01-27 13:35:02 Tree
[r566] by thoran

better location of the distance

2010-05-17 13:38:29 Tree
[r565] by thoran

correct the computation of the bouding box in screen of a box projection.

2010-05-17 13:38:08 Tree
[r564] by thoran

compute the bouding box on screen of an object using bouding sphere

2010-05-17 13:37:48 Tree
[r563] by thoran

add a new method to compute box projection on screen using bounding sphere. Factorize a bit.

2010-05-17 13:37:26 Tree
[r562] by thoran

improve the transformation of bounding boxes.

2010-05-17 13:37:04 Tree
[r561] by thoran

attempt to draw the new boxes

2010-05-17 13:36:40 Tree
[r560] by thoran

new code to select entity in the scenary graph

2010-05-17 13:36:13 Tree
[r559] by thoran

fix the transformation of box

2010-05-17 13:35:37 Tree
[r558] by thoran

fix unit test build

2010-05-17 13:35:08 Tree
[r557] by thoran

new unit test for GG3D. Not much is tested.
me.pbxuser setup debuggable unit tests.

2010-05-17 13:34:22 Tree
[r556] by thoran

compute zmin/zmax in the local frame more correctly

2010-05-14 09:43:04 Tree
[r555] by thoran

some more GLCheck

2010-05-14 09:42:40 Tree
[r554] by thoran

Cocoa console for the debug model

2010-05-14 09:42:13 Tree
[r553] by thoran

fix a debug command to pass in wireframe

2010-05-14 09:41:34 Tree
[r552] by thoran

first working prototype of anaglyph

2010-05-09 14:46:58 Tree
[r551] by thoran

factorization for anaglyph rendering prototype

2010-05-09 14:46:41 Tree
[r550] by thoran

fix the bad clipping of the ShipWin.
This is a bad fix, we should compute the correct matrix.

2010-05-09 14:46:22 Tree
[r549] by thoran

add a flag to disable clipping

2010-05-09 14:46:05 Tree
[r548] by thoran


2010-05-09 14:45:46 Tree
[r547] by thoran

fix obscure build failure with the new version of the compiler

2010-05-08 09:54:10 Tree
[r546] by thoran

replace the deprecated stringWithCString with stringWithUTF8String

2010-05-08 09:53:50 Tree
[r545] by thoran

use the bounding box to compute the depth range. it fixes the stuff.

2009-08-22 17:34:05 Tree
[r544] by thoran

compute the bouding box of a GGBlock.
still not tested and not wired with the computation of the appropriate
depth range (to avoid clipping issue, you see)

2009-08-15 23:00:23 Tree
[r543] by thoran

add some const attributes.

2009-08-15 22:59:54 Tree
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