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Support for Relion Prime?

  • writer1772

    writer1772 - 2013-01-21

    I just started using the  Relion Prime meter because I'm pre-diabetic and therefore my insurance company won't cover the cost of testing.

    This has become a very popular meter for the ininsured and underinsured.because the strips are so affordable ($9 for 50). Any possibility of supporting uploads from this?

  • Aleksander Rozman

    This is one of companies that is not really cooperating.

    For creating support for devices, we need at least protocol that company uses, and on other side, we need someone to help with testing. Most of devices currently supported were done by me, since they are available here where I live, some were added by users (or at least tested by users).

    If you can get protocol from company and protocol is not to hard, I can add this device, if you help me with testing it. If protocol is simple this will do, if not we will have to make enivorment for build on your machine and I can remote connect to you… I have done this once before, and it somehow worked then…

    Since you are user, contact them tell them that you use our software, and that you would like to have their meter supported and if they would be willing to release protocol…

    Now if this is USB device, you are not in luck, since so far I haven't come arround to support any real USB device (some meters have USB cable, but that is not real USB, it's just USB-to-serial converter, which we have supported (some of them)).


  • writer1772

    writer1772 - 2013-01-21

    I'd be happy to test anything on the Relion Prime for you.

    This meter has a serial connection. I have a serial cable and serial-to-USB adapter that I used to use with my Freestyle Flash. Just for fun, I plugged that into the Prime. It woke up the Prime, but my PC took no notice.

    Ah. I wonder if this is the problem: On Relion's web page, they mention you can use the Glooko app and cable to upload.

  • writer1772

    writer1772 - 2013-01-21

    Sorry. Didn't finish my thought. I wonder if they have a business relationship with Glooko that makes it impossible or problematic for them to release the protocol to anyone else.


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