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GFSGL 0.92.0 "White Teddybear" released!

This is a rather erm, slow announcement, but here it is.

Finally, 0.92.0 is out and the stable 0.92 branch is available for use.
This release introduces the long planned GModule system that allows you to easily add functionality to GFSGL. It can also brag about a complete rewrite of the GUI handling code from using Xdialog to using xmsg. Xmsg is a lib I've written that wraps around various Xdialog-like programs such as zenity, kdialog and naturally Xdialog.
It enables GFSGL to have a GTK2, GTK1 and KDE interface, without extra code.... read more

Posted by Eskild Hustvedt 2005-12-08

GFSGL 0.92.0-RC1 Black Doll released

This release marks the end of the 0.92.0 development cycle. We're now in the last two weeks of quality assurance and we're going to be forking CVS to 0.93 soon.

No need to be on the lazy side yet though, as we're closing up on the final release some last minute polish is still in order and I'm going to do what I can to get it properly tested.

We're now (almost) one step closer to the 1.00 release. The road has been long, and it's not over yet. But the way it looks right now we're only one major stable release away from focusing on 1.00.
The 1.00 release schedule is going to be tougher than any release we've had yet. We will have at least one alpha, two beta, one RC and one final release (yay, final). Which is alot, but should help us make sure that GFSGL 1.00 is stable.... read more

Posted by Eskild Hustvedt 2005-11-20

GFSGL 0.91.1 "White Wolf" released

This is a minor update and contains a new wrapper around cedega that adds support for 5.0.

If you want to use the wrapper standalone you should get it from the GFSGL CVS as that version is more complete, this one is intentionally simple and doesn't have all the autodetection stuff that makes it handle stuff like cedega would have done (it now requires full path among other things, GFSGL 0.91.1 takes care of it - but the one in the CVS doesn't require full path). If people seem to want it then the wrapper will also be released as standalone.

Posted by Eskild Hustvedt 2005-11-09

Cedega 5.0 breaks GFSGL support

Cedega 5.0 got rid of the commandline cedega version. I'm currently working on correcting this in GFSGL 0.92.0 and will backport this fix to 0.91 once it is ready.

Posted by Eskild Hustvedt 2005-11-08

GFSGL 0.92.0-Beta1 Black Teddybear released

The major new feature in this version is the GMod module subsystem, the new xmsg-based GUI and the autoaddgames.gmod.
All which add major usability to GFSGL.
Under the hood the entire database has been rewritten.

This is a beta release, so please report any bugs that you hit. Also, it is missing the add game function for the GUI so you have to use the CUI.


Posted by Eskild Hustvedt 2005-10-29

GFSGL 0.91.0 "White Raven" RELEASED!

The first stable release of the 0.91.x branch is out! A makeself installer archive is available and a tarball should be available shortly.

New features since 0.90.x:
- Better support for Windows games in the install function
- GFSGL-Gui exits when using the WMs close function
- GFSGL-Gui accepts commandline parameters
- New gfsgl-gui menu "Additional features"
- Now adds games to the system menu
- Now adds games as a command in ~/bin
- Now has debugging code
- Cedega support
- A better gui to configure emuc_wine
- Split emuc into emuc_other and emuc_wine
- Better CD-Rom mount point detection
- A screen at the end of the GUI addgame function that displays information on how to run it
- Displays a list of *.exe's or +x files in the GUI addgame function
- Support for CXOffice Wine in /opt/cxoffice
- Added Mount/unmount buttons to the GUI Install and autorun functions
- An advanced.conf configuratino file
- Db is now in $hgfdir/db/
- Rewritten the RunGame system
- Rewritten the console addgame function
- Added a --cleanwine option to the GFSGL commandline version
- Added GFHome (a directory that contains links to important directories in teh system. Making them easier to find when adding a game)
- Added support for ScummVM games
- Added some environment variables

Posted by Eskild Hustvedt 2005-06-25

0.91.0 RC1 Black Seahorse released!

0.91.0 RC1 has now been released, the cvs branch will fork very soon. This release contains alot of bug fixes along with improvements to the debugging system.
In 14 days time 0.91.0 FINAL should be out :)

Posted by Eskild Hustvedt 2005-04-30

GFSGL 0.91.0-Beta4 "Black Owl" released!

Finally it's out, one day too late due to a filesystem crash I had.

This release has alot of new features and fixes. If you're using an earlier beta please update. Read the release notes for more information.

There really isn't much else left to do in 0.91.0 and the final one should be out soon:)

In other news, I'm in the progress of replacing the developers journal with GFSBlog (unreleased software) - so the developers journal might be a bit empty:)
That's all I had to say for now,
- Eskild Hustvedt (Zero_Dogg)

Posted by Eskild Hustvedt 2005-02-25

GFSGL 0.91.0 Beta 3 "Black Hound" released!

Finally, after alot of work GFSGL 0.91.0 Beta 3 is out!
This features a load of bugfixes and a few new features.

A big thanks goes out to GFSGL's beta testing team [GoldenCredits]:
Jarkko Oranen and Svein Arild Hetland

Before the final 0.91.0 is released there will at least be a RC1 - but right now I'm tired enough for this release to think about the next one.
Eskild Hustvedt/Zero_Dogg

Posted by Eskild Hustvedt 2004-11-20

Looking for testers

Have a look at if you may be interested.

The reason GFSGL needs testers is to decrease the time between releases, increase GFSGL's useability and make GFSGL even more stable.

We hope to gather a testing team of 2-4 people soon.

Posted by Eskild Hustvedt 2004-10-09

GFSGL Development Journal launched

The GFSGL Development Journal has launched. It's available on the GFSGL homepage at

For more information read the first Dev Journal post:)

- Zero_Dogg

Posted by Eskild Hustvedt 2004-08-10

GFSGL 0.91.0-Beta2 "Black Wolf" released

Just 3-4 weeks later than planned, here it is:)
It has a brand new "autoaddgames" GUI and it also includes two known "autoaddgames" bugs:)
Many GUI improvements are available aswell as many bugfixes.

The focus will now be on fixing the remaining bugs and issues, then release the RC and hopefully get the final version out soon.
For a complete ChangeLog read the...ChangeLog.

NOTICE TO 0.91.0-Beta1 USERS:
There will be no updates available, you will have to download the update manually. There are problems with both the Beta1 and the (now released) Beta2 update systems which will be fixed in the next release. Until then, update manually.... read more

Posted by Eskild Hustvedt 2004-08-03

New website.

The new website is finally ready!
A big thanks goes to L1nX for designing it :)

In other news GFSGL has been mentioned on both and :)
0.91.0-Beta2 should be released shortly.

That's all for now,
- Zero_Dogg

Posted by Eskild Hustvedt 2004-06-27

GFSGL 0.91.0-Beta1 "Black Raven" released

GFSGL version 0.91.0-Beta1 "Black Raven" is released, and this just 23 days later than planned :D.

This version includes many major feature enhancements, the list is too long to quote here. Check the ChangeLog:)
Remember that it is a beta, so if you can't take a few bugs here and there then don't use it - but I ofcourse want as many as possible to test it so that I can wipe out the bugs quickly.
It is the first release including a _debug build, this is a build containg debugging code - including a debug dialog box for the GUI.... read more

Posted by Eskild Hustvedt 2004-06-22

GFSGL 0.90.1 "White Star" released!

This is a pure bugfix release and fixes all known bugs in GFSGL.
Fixes a problem with adding games using advanced mode and fixes GUI configuration for two cd-rom's.
In addition to the package released here it's as usual available on the GFSGL update server.

In other news 0.91.0-Beta1 stays postponed for the time being - the Release Schedule on the webpage will be updated as soon as I know more:)... read more

Posted by Eskild Hustvedt 2004-06-02

Back on IRC

The GFSGL irc channel is back.
Join #GFSGL on freenode ( :).

- Zero_Dogg

Posted by Eskild Hustvedt 2004-06-01

0.91.0-Beta1 postponed

GFSGL 0.91.0-Beta1 has been postponed for the time being.
The current CVS is not in a releaseable shape, in some cases it's unuseable and some things are in too early stages of development. It may be released later this week and a release date will be determined soon.

In other news, I expect that we are going to release a 0.90.1 soon (If I am able to confirm the possible bugs that have been brought to my attention).
If you find a bug in 0.90.0 please report it using the bug report system on this page.... read more

Posted by Eskild Hustvedt 2004-05-31

GFSGL 0.90.0 "White Moon" released!

Today, GFSGL version 0.90.0 "White Moon" is released!
It is the first stable release of GFSGL. It just includes some fixes to a few things found in Beta2.2, no new features.
It should be stable and bug-fr...I mean doesn't have any known bugs.
Now, go download it! (also available on update server

In other news 0.91.0 CVS branch is moving forward, see the todo list (check the home page) for more information.... read more

Posted by Eskild Hustvedt 2004-05-26

GFSGL 0.90.x stability freeze

GFSGL 0.90.x has now entered a stability freeze. This means that 0.90.x will not recieve any new features - only bugfixes.
The final version of 0.90.0 will be released in 2 weeks (14 days) that is on the 26th of May. A Beta 3 release is possible during that time, but only if Beta2.2 has more than a few simple bugs.

CVS has been moved to 0.91.0 - release date for the first beta of 0.91.0 is currently not something I wish to speculate in, but I wouldn't expect it for 1-2 months. The main focus is currently GFSGL 0.90.0-Beta2.2 bugfixes (when found) and GFSI-Remove ( We are hoping to have GFSI-Remove included in the GFSGL-Installer for the 0.90.0 release. GFSI won't be ready by then, but it wouldn't be hard to add GFSI-Remove functionality to the GFSGL-Installer.... read more

Posted by Eskild Hustvedt 2004-05-12

GFSGL 0.90.0-Beta2.2 "Black Meteor" released!

This is mainly a bugfix release - but introduces two new features:
GFSGL menu items and FORCE option to commandline gfsgl --update

Posted by Eskild Hustvedt 2004-05-11

GFSGL 0.90.0-Beta2.1 "Black Comet" released!

This is mainly a "useability" and bugfix release, it doesn't introduce new GFSGL features except that there now is a help system present on almost every dialog box.

It is also available from the update server:
You may use GFSGL's builtin update system to update using that mirror.

Posted by Eskild Hustvedt 2004-05-10

GFSGL-0.90.0-Beta2 released

GFSGL 0.90.0-Beta2 "Black Star" has just been released.
And only a week later than I hoped :P
The current GFSGL update system is buggy, so you must download and update 0.90.0-Beta1 (or 0.90.0-RC3-2) by downloading the installer.

We are also going to have some people which doesn't are unexperienced with Computers/Linux go through a "test case" (GFSGL Test Case 001) to see if GFSGL is easy enough and if it isn't find out what can be done to make it easier.
When the test case is done, and any needed changes either added to a TODO list or (if their not major) submitted to CVS, GFSGL CVS will be feature frozen meaning no new features will be added before 0.90.0-FINAL. We are soon ready for the final release! :)
0.90.0-FINAL will be released about one month after CVS feature freeze.... read more

Posted by Eskild Hustvedt 2004-05-05

gfsgl-0.90.0-Beta1 released

gfsgl-0.90.0-Beta1 is now released.
You may read the ChangeLog at

The one BIG change in this version is the GUI which has been completely rewritten.
Also the remgame function works now.

Posted by Eskild Hustvedt 2004-04-17

GFSGL Dev report 16 April 2004

GFSGL has been on hold for a while but is now back.
A home page has been created and is in place.

The CVS now includes a brand new GUI (see home page for screenshots) and a brand new update system.

0.90.0-RC4-1 will soon be released:
This version is mostly focused at the GUI which includes a brand new add game wizard, a graphical way to conf GFSGL. All language packs has to be rewritten to use the new GUI system, currently only English is in CVS.
There have also been many under-the-hood changes.
Feel free to download the CVS version and test it while waiting for the official 0.90.0-RC4-1 release.... read more

Posted by Eskild Hustvedt 2004-04-16

0.90.0-RC3-2 RELEASED!

Finally 0.90.0-RC3-2 is released! This is the first real public release of GFSGL. The next version will be 0.90.0 FINAL, so we need people to test this one. The installer we use is a own gfsgl-installer but GFSGL will use the GFSInstaller when that is ready.

In other news GFSGL now has a IRC channel, join #GFSGL on freenode ( /

Posted by Eskild Hustvedt 2003-12-19