Gfarm 2.2.0 released

Hi all,

We are pleased to announce the release of Gfarm file system version
2.2.0 and Gfarm2fs version 1.1.0.

Major update includes symbolic links support, hundreds of clients
support, and directory listing speedup. This release also includes
some bug fixes.

After upgrading to this version, it is necessary to update the backend
database setting as follows;

# service gfmd stop
# config-gfarm-update --update-symlink
# service gfmd start

Note that the above 'config-gfarm-update' only supports the PostgreSQL
backend. If you specified the --prefix option when configuring the
Gfarm file system by config-gfarm, the --prefix option is required for

Also note that it is necessary to restart gfmd and gfsd (several times
for safe) after upgrading. It is *not* necessary to execute
config-gfarm or config-gfsd script again.

Release note for Gfarm 2.2.0


New Feature
* symbolic link support
* hundreds of clients support by thread pool
* directory listing speedup by attribute cache

New Command
* gfstatus - display Gfarm configuration status
* gfln - create a hard link or a symbolic link

New Admin Command
* config-gfarm-update - update the backend database.
'config-gfarm-update --update-symlink' updates the backend database
to manage symbolic links. Note that the postgresql backend is only
supported for now.

* gfs_symlink, gfs_readlink - symbolic link support
* gfs_lstat

New configuration in gfmd.conf
* metadb_server_stack_size directive to specify a stack size of
* metadb_server_thread_pool_size directive to specify the maximum
number of threads in a thread pool
* metadb_server_job_queue_length directive to specify the length of a
job request queue
* metadb_server_heartbeat_interval directive to specify the interval
of heartbeat to each gfsd

* manual pages - gfchgrp(1), gfchmod(1), gfchown(1), gfgroup(1),
gfhost(1), gfln(1), gfls(1), gfmv(1), gfstatus(1), gfuser(1).
* manual pages in HTML

Updated feature
* gfls - accomodate attribute caching and support display regarding
symlinks and hardlinks
* gfchmod - display more user friendly error message
* gfmd - support hundreds of clients by introducing a thread pool
* gfmd - authorize peers concurrently by making network related
functions MT safe
* gfmd - schedule the local host only when it has enough disk space
* gfsd - support gfmd reconnection at the start up
* (GSI) allow to delegate a limited proxy
* (GSI) disable GSS_C_NT_USER_NAME (spool_server_cred_type user) by
default since it is not supported by Globus GSI

Bug fix
* libgfarm - fix missing intialization of a pointer
* gfmd - fix race condition
* gfsd - fix -c and -cc options to check invalid files not only
invalid file replicas
* gfsd - terminate the master process when the back channel process dies
* (GSI) use distinguished name of delegated credential

Osamu Tatebe
Department of Computer Science, University of Tsukuba
1-1-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 3058577 Japan

Posted by Osamu Tatebe 2009-03-30