Alternative or dual license options for GetPot?

  • Jay Jay Billings

    Hello! I hope you are well!

    I am writing an application based on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform and I would like to use GetPot to read and write files used by some of our clients, who use GetPot themselves. Unfortunately, the LGPL is not compatible with Eclipse's EPL. Would it be possible for GetPot to be released under dual licenses (LGPL & New BSD, for example), for only the Java version of GetPot to be released under dual licenses or for the Java version of GetPot to be released solely under an Eclipse-compatible license?

    I know that this is not a question that any project likes to get. I would really like to use GetPot instead of reinventing such a great wheel, but I understand if there is nothing that you can do.

    Thanks very much for your time,
    Jay Jay Billings

    • Frank-Rene Schäfer

      Hello Jay Jay,

      thanks for your interest in GetPot. Can you figure out, if it is
      legally possible to switch from LPGL to MIT, for example? If
      so, I would be willing to grant you an MIT license for a specific
      version of GetPot. In recognition of my efforts and since it is
      for your economic benefit, I would expect some type of
      recognition, provided that your financial situation allows it.

      Best Regards


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  • Jay Jay Billings


    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

    I'm not a lawyer, but as far as I know dual licensing a particular version of GetPot with dual LGPL/MIT is OK. The legal issues, as I understand them, come when someone change from GetPot LGPL to GetPot MIT. There would also be ramifications on users if GetPot switched its license completely and I have known of projects that had problems with that in the past.

    I would be glad to leave a note in our source code and on our wiki acknowledging your support if you do this, but unfortunately I can not provide any financial support. My product is not commercial, (, and it is 100% free and open source. The product is under development by Oak Ridge National Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy and we do not benefit from its development financially.

    Thanks again for your help.


  • Frank-Rene Schäfer

    Please, contact me with your private Email on my sourceforge account.


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