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OWASP Mantra Security Toolkit 0.92 beta - Janus

Team Mantra is proud to announce the release of OWASP Mantra Janus to the public. We really enjoyed building and testing it and were waiting eagerly for this moment, to gift our work to you.

OWASP Mantra Janus running on Windows

Release Notes
Download links

Posted by Abhi M 2013-01-22 Labels: OWASP Mantra Penetration testing Security

OWASP Mantra Lexicon - 0.91 Beta

Release Announcement - OWASP Mantra Security Toolkit 0.91 Beta Lexicon

"Dreams are today's answers to tomorrow's questions."
Edgar Cayce

We are extremely delighted to give you that answer today. OWASP Mantra Security Toolkit 0.91 Beta, code named "Lexicon" has been released and is available for download. You can see the list of changes and improvements in the release notes.... read more

Posted by Abhi M 2012-05-10

OWASP Mantra Armada - Bug Fix Release

In the past week, we have recieved several feedbacks from users (From those who uses Linux 32 bit and 64 bit versions) complaining about performance issues including stability problems.

This bug fix release is inteneted to only Linux users, both 32 bit and 64 bit, and will address the issues related to performance. We request you to download it from our download page: http://www.getmantra.com/download/mantra-security-toolkit/index.html... read more

Posted by Abhi M 2012-01-10

OWASP Mantra - Armada 0.81 Beta Release

Here comes OWASP Mantra 0.81 beta, codenamed Armada, based on Mozilla Firefox 9.0.1 and work out of the box with Linux, Windows and Macintosh.

List of new features:

New Addons:

New addons are added, you can see all the add-ons over here

Updated Base

Upgrading the base itself brings lots of new features and performance improvements

Galley Integration

Galley (getmantra.com/galley) is a collection of links of online tools that can be helpful during penetration testing. Now you can access them right from the bookmarks.... read more

Posted by Abhi M 2011-12-30

OWASP Mantra c0c0n 11 and AppSecLatam 11

With immense pleasure let us announce the third beta of OWASP Mantra Security Toolkit. With this particular release, we are becoming more multinational.

Hope all of you heard about c0c0n and AppSecLatam and Team Mantra is releasing it together in both the conferences.

One of the main attraction of this version is the multi language support, now Mantra supports Hindi and Spanish other than English. You can give us a helping hand by translating Mantra into more languages,feel free to contact us and we are looking forward to see you in Team Mantra.... read more

Posted by Abhi M 2011-10-11

Gandiva Macintosh Bug Fix Release

According to the feedback from users, we found that the original Gandiva release of Mantra Security Toolkit had some packaging issues. A fixed version is now available for download.

Thank you all for the support.!!!

Posted by Abhi M 2011-06-28

OWASP Mantra Security Toolkit Gandiva release

We are proud to announce the second public beta of OWASP Mantra Security Toolkit. It comes with an updated base and brings new features for improved user experience.

New features at a glance:

# Base
Upgraded to Firefox 4
# Ayudha
Introducing Ayudha aka Tools
# Menu
Integrated FireCAT for better navigation
# Hackery
Integrated The Open Penetration Testing Bookmarks Collection
# Welcome screen
A new welcome screen with integrated Google Search
# New look and feel
Less cluttered and simple... read more

Posted by Abhi M 2011-06-23

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