The end of GetLive - Stay tuned.


After more than 7 years being able of implementing change-after-change on hotmail and hotmail live, I need to give up on the latest changes. There's no way I can reasonably patch GetLive further to fetch mail. So I guess that's the end of GetLive.

I have no clue how many users I still have, but I'm sorry to all of them.

On the other hand, I've experimented with a number of different approaches and I'm going to build something "similar".

The approach, as well as the language of implementation (and maybe the license) will be totally different though. For the interested reader : Python + selenium + phantomJS.

Also it's not warranted that it will be 100% compatible (and at this stage I fear a bit slower as well).

Alltogether more than enough reason to make it a different project that I will register soon.

Can I ask the active user however, to drop me a mail with his main concerns/requirements ? In particular :

  • OS
  • Is POP functionality (for the users that once came from FreePops) still ever used ?
  • Which break of compatibility would be dramatic, i.e. would you like to keep absolutely ?
  • Anything else ...


Posted by Jos De Laender 2014-05-02

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