Getting started, Ubuntu & Evolution.

  • Anonymous - 2009-05-09

    I've been trying to install GetLive to import my hotmail to evolution. Can't figure out how to do this. Found some help on a French site, but no luck.

    I run Ubuntu 9.04, and when i install it from the repositorie, it is dependent on postfix and procmail, i get to a part where i am supposed to configure postfix, and i got no clue what to do there... "No configuration", "Internet site", "Internet with smart host", "satellite system" or "local only". if i try anything but "No config" i have to type a "system mail name". Got no clue what to do here...

    the /usr/bin/getlive confiuration-file is obsolete aswell. so i tryed to replace it with the new file.

    And then there is Evolution... I tied to add it as an acount, using the /usr/bin/getlive as a configuration path. Not sure what to use as a server type, I'm guessing "local delivery", but i tried "standard UNIX mbox file" aswell... when i try to fetch my mail, it just says complete straight away.

    I have no idea what's wrong? Can anyone help me out?

    • Anonymous - 2009-05-26

      What is wrong with this crap? No one in this project knows how to? This sux! Why don't you just delete this project if is dead!

      • Aaron Stemen

        Aaron Stemen - 2009-05-26

        Honestly, it's not up to the developer to teach you how to administer your Linux server and sendmail so taht you can use his open source perl application.  There are other sources of information for that.

        He does keep up to date witht he current state of Hotmail so that the application will retrieve all of the information, and will support configuring the GetLive application.

        • Anonymous - 2009-05-26

          When you start here:

          you can click: Forum --> Help

          that's what i did...

          and no there are no other sources. one french that didn't help. and if there are some hidden hints of how to make this work, i thought someone here could at least point me the way. but i guess this "help"-forum is not that helpful...

        • Jos De Laender

          Jos De Laender - 2009-05-26

          That's indeed what I'm trying to do.

          Moreover, if there are focused questions on how integration with the one or the other environment might work, I'm willing to address them.

          The original question doesn't show much of a clue what is the problem, what works, what doesn't work, what was tried etc ... One better does spend this effort if he wants to convince me spending my free time in solving his problem.



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