Ann: Getleft 1.0beta4


The third version of Getleft, a Tcl/Tk web site grabber has been released.

Getleft features include:

-While it goes, it changes the original pages, all
the links get changed to relative links, for local

-Limited Ftp support, it will download the files
but not recursively.

-Resumes downloading if interrupted.

-Filters not to download certain kind of files.

-You can get a site map before downloading.

-You can program when a download will take place.

-Download site log for easy updating.

-Getleft can follow links to external sites.

-Multilingual support, at present Getleft supports
Dutch, English, German, French, Italian, Polish,
Korean, Esperanto, Chinese, Russian, Turkish,
Portuguese and Spanish.


Main changes since the last version:

- A setup program for Windows using TkWizard and

- Getleft works again with Win2k.

- Updated Esperanto translation.

- Many minor bugs were fixed.

For more information, please visit Getleft's


Posted by Andres Garcia Garcia 2002-02-05

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