#3 Sync iTunes libraries


This program is very close to being a full fledged sync
system between multiple iTunes libraries. A sync
function would be very easy:

1) Do an automatic search on the "date added" field of
each song, returning only songs added after the date of
the last sync. Then automatically start a download of
these songs. "Date added" would be a nice addition to
the manual search fields, too.

2) I'm pretty sure there's a command in the itunes API
to tell your local iTunes app to import a specified
directory. Add an option to automatically invoke this
at the end of each download.

3) Add an option to remove all items in the download
folder. This could be invoked automatically after the
iTunes import is done, assuming that the command blocks
while the import is happening or at sends a
notification when it's done. If the import happens
asynchronously with no notification, I guess there's no
way to do this automatically. But at least add a button
so that I can clear out the download folder when I want to.