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First of all, git is a great program :) the best java
daap client i could find. The only feature I'm missing
is being able to connect to a fixed ip, instead of
solely using rendezvous to find hostst. Is this a
conscious choice, or is it scheduled for implementation?


  • Andrew Berman

    Andrew Berman - 2004-08-12
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  • Andrew Berman

    Andrew Berman - 2004-08-13

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    I'm glad you're enjoying the program, and thanks for the
    suggestion. For now, I might suggest using RendezvousProxy
    to automate this task for you. As you know, Apple
    specifically removed this feature to stop users from
    broadcasting their shared music over the internet, and
    (correct me if I'm wrong) I believe that recent versions of
    iTunes will not stream music to an IP addres if it's not in
    the local subnet. Get it Together, much like iTunes, is
    designed for legal streaming and backup of your music to the
    other computers in your local area network. If you wish to
    simply connect to a local resource with a specified IP
    address, RendezvousProxy can provide that functionality, and
    broadcast the correct rendezvous signal to get it into GIT.


  • Andrew Berman

    Andrew Berman - 2004-08-13
    • status: open --> closed
  • Andrew Berman

    Andrew Berman - 2004-08-13
    • status: closed --> open
  • Marcel S.

    Marcel S. - 2006-12-13

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    Has anything happened here? Is there any development going on?


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