Dear users of

I am proud to announce the release 0.6.12 of the getgnuwin32 project. It consist mainly of a view BATCH files that can be run on windows xp (and perhaps windows 2000/NT to). This BATCH scripts automate the process of selecting the newest binary and documentation gnuwin32 packages and downloading them. See

Please don't misunderstanding me: Not all packages are downloaded, but only about 10% of all packages, namely only the newest binary, library, dependency and documentation packages. No sources and no installers however. The selection of the packages is done fully automatically.

Furthermore, there exists a little installer that unzips the packages, whereby special care of the contrib and doc tree is taken.  The installer updates also the info tree.

Last changes: Since release 0.6.12, you can download getgnuwin32 from in two forms: As a "runnable package", and as a "source package". Although BATCH files are always source files, there are some differences between this two packages: The source package consists of some additional helper scripts that generate the runnable package by replacing some makros and storing the relevant files into an archive ready for distribution.