Missing GNUWIN32\Start Menu and gnuwin32.lnk

  •  juandering

    juandering - 2010-05-01

    Installed GetGnuWin32-0.6.3.exe yesterday (30-Apr-2010), then executed "download.bat", then "install.bat C:\GNUWIN32".

    The installation went smoothly, but did not create the "GNUWIN32\Start Menu" mentioned in Step-6 of Readme.txt.

    So I don't have the gnuwin32.lnk file mentioned in Step-6.

    I have the following files though in "C:\GNUWIN32\bin":

    a) set_gnuwin32.bat
    b) StartCmd.bat - is this the batch file executed by gnuwin32.lnk?

    Kindly instruct me please on how to manually implement the "GNUWIN32\Start Menu" and the" gnuwin32.lnk".

    Thanks and best regards.

  • Jay Satiro

    Jay Satiro - 2010-05-02

    Hi we did receive your e-mail about this issue and I sent you a reply. For everyone's interest here is the reply:

    Hello XXXXXXXXXXXXX and thank you for your e-mail. It might be easier to browse the documentation links in explorer because there are so many of them. If you would like to copy to the start menu however you can do that. Let's review. As noted in step 6:

    "The subdirectory 'GNUWIN32\Start Menu' contains links to the documentation files of the various projects."

    For example, "C:\GnuWin32\Start Menu". As further noted:

    "You can move this links into your 'Start Menu' directories."

    So what that means is that there are links in "C:\GnuWin32\Start Menu" and you can copy/move those to your start menu.

    If you are in Vista you could run this command as administrator (all one line):
    xcopy /I /S "C:\gnuwin32\Start Menu\*.*" "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\gnuwin32"

    If you are in XP you could run this command as administrator (all one line):
    xcopy /I /S "C:\gnuwin32\Start Menu\*.*" "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\gnuwin32"

    Thanks for writing,


  •  juandering

    juandering - 2010-05-04


    I  have "C:\GNUWIN32" but without the "Start Menu" and its contents, after doing "download" and "install C:\GNUWIN32".

    That's why I also don't have "gnuwin32.lnk" or any other such links.

    Kindly reconsider please my clarifications above; including maybe some info on the "StartCmd.bat" and its usage.

    Begging your patience and consideration…

  • Jay Satiro

    Jay Satiro - 2010-05-06

    Hello, I have re-read your original post.

    setgnuwin32 sets the environment for gnuwin32 tools. It's what the gnuwin32.lnk shortcut points to. startcmd explanation is noted in its comments; 99.99 percent of people who use gnuwin32 stuff will not need it. You don't need to mess with those two batch files after installation, just click on the gnuwin32 shortcut if you need to. Most people won't even do that, and the installer and readme notes that you can append eg C:\gnuwin32\bin to your path and then execute most gnuwin32 tools via any command window.

    If the packages downloaded properly your GetGnuWin32 should have a packages subdirectory that contains 400+ zip files.
    If you do not have that there was a download problem, and download.bat should have notified you of this at the time it was run. Please run download.bat again. Note that download.bat does not need to re-download any verified packages. Only missing/invalid/corrupt packages will be (re)downloaded.

    If you do have those zip files, please check your C:\GnuWin32\bin directory. It should contain over 1200 files. If it doesn't have that many files there was an installation problem. Because you do not have a start menu directory there was definitely an installation problem, but I don't know how serious.

    Please switch to your GetGnuWin32 directory and run the following again, and make note of any error messages:
    install.bat C:\GnuWin32


  •  juandering

    juandering - 2010-05-06

    The C:\GetGnuWin32\packages directory has 447 files.

    The C:\GNUWIN32\bin directory has 1264 files.

    I re-ran download.bat and install.bat C:\GNUWIN32 without any problems; attached are the captured outputs:

    === Start of capture


    = Checking for signed update (attempt 1)…

    GetGnuWin32 signed update found, verifying signature…
    Verified OK

    Archive:  update94d563d1564001.zip
      inflating: bin/findhash.exe
      inflating: bin.lst
      inflating: dep.lst
      inflating: doc.lst
      inflating: lib.lst
      inflating: packages.sha
    extracting: update_changelog.txt

    GetGnuWin32 update successful.

    = Validating hashes of previously downloaded packages.
    = Only invalid or missing packages will be downloaded.
    = Found 446 previously downloaded valid packages.
    = Downloading and verifying 0 new packages from sourceforge.net…
    = This will take some time, be patient. No interaction is needed.
    = If you have to stop this process (CTRL + C) it can pickup where it left off.
    = It appears everything was a success.
    = There are 446 files that have been verified and are ready to be unzipped.
    = Run install.bat to install verified packages in default temp gnuwin32 subdir.
    = To instead install to a preferred directory run like so, eg:
    = install C:\gnuwin32
    = Run install -help for more information
    Press any key to continue . . .

    C:\GetGnuWin32>install.bat C:\GNUWIN32

    = Unzipping (and/or updating) packages; also sorting documentation…

    = This will take some time, be patient.
    = Interaction is necessary after the unzipping completes.
    = 5 percent done unzipping / organizing…
    = 10 percent done unzipping / organizing…
    = 15 percent done unzipping / organizing…
    = 20 percent done unzipping / organizing…
    = 25 percent done unzipping / organizing…
    = 30 percent done unzipping / organizing…
    = 35 percent done unzipping / organizing…
    = 40 percent done unzipping / organizing…
    = 45 percent done unzipping / organizing…
    = 50 percent done unzipping / organizing…
    = 55 percent done unzipping / organizing…
    = 60 percent done unzipping / organizing…
    = 65 percent done unzipping / organizing…
    = 70 percent done unzipping / organizing…
    = 75 percent done unzipping / organizing…
    = 80 percent done unzipping / organizing…
    = 85 percent done unzipping / organizing…
    = 90 percent done unzipping / organizing…
    = 95 percent done unzipping / organizing…
    = 100 percent done unzipping / organizing…
    = Unzipping/updating and documentation sorting has completed.

    Author's note (Jay Satiro <raysatiro@users.sourceforge.net>) :

    Some of the packages available with the gnuwin32 project are wildly outdated.
    I have compiled more recent builds of the following utilities:

    UnZip 6.00, OpenSSL 0.9.8l, Wget 1.12.1-devel, Sort 7.6

    Would you like more information?

    UnZip 6.00; unzip.exe (04-20-09) (bugfixes, security fixes)
    ^ Suggested replacement for GnuWin32 UnZip 5.51 of May 2004

    OpenSSL 0.9.8l; all binary files (11-05-09) (bugfixes, security fixes)
    ^ Suggested replacement for GnuWin32 OpenSSL 0.9.8h of May 2008

    Wget 1.12.1-devel; wget-1.12.exe (10-15-09) (bugfixes, security fixes)
    >> No international support, and english help text only.
    ^^ Suggested supplement to GnuWin32 Wget 1.11.4 of Jun 2008

    Bundle of CA Root Certificates; cacert.pem (09-22-09)
    >> Extracted from Mozilla Certificate Authorities list.
    ^^ Suggested replacement for <unknown>

    Sort 7.6 testbuild; sort-7.6.exe (09-11-09) (bugfixes)
    >> Properly supports LC_ALL environment variable. Test build.
    ^^ Suggested supplement to GnuWin32 Sort 5.3.0 of April 2005

    Would you like to install these utilities?

    Please type the existing directory you want to install to and hit enter.

    If it is the directory above that's in brackets, you can just hit enter.

    Copied file "sort-7.6.exe"
    Copied file "unzip.exe"
    Copied file "wget-1.12.exe"
    Copied file "cacert.pem"
    Copied file "libeay32.dll"
    Copied file "libssl32.dll"
    Copied file "openssl.exe"

    Done replacing utilities.
    Done installing supplemental utilities.
    Invocation examples for supplemental utilities:

    sort-7.6 -help
    wget-1.12 -help

    Ending supplemental install.
    Press any key to continue . . .
    = Finished with packages. Fixing manifests and info entries…

    You can *append* the bin subdir of your installation folder to your PATH:
    i.e. C:\gnuwin32\bin
    There are a few gnu conflicts with Windows utilities, so make sure to *append*.
    That way the windows utilities take priority (i.e. sort).
    *!!!!!! Please read README.txt for more information on your installation !!!!!*

    Done installing. yay. Have fun!
    Press any key to continue . . .


    === End of Capture

    Still would like to get the download and installation right and get the Start Menu and links.


  • Jay Satiro

    Jay Satiro - 2010-05-07

    Hi again,

    It should show this:

    = Finished with packages. Fixing manifests and info entries…

    Updating documentation links!
    Status: Please wait. This may take a long time …
            When the process is completed, 'Status: Complete.' will be displ
    Status: Searching for orphan links …
    Status: Deleting orphaned links …
    Status: Creating new shortcuts …
    Status: Creating/Maintaining Start menu entries …
    Status: Creating links to PDFs …
    Status: Creating links to man pages (.pdf) …
    Status: Creating links to HTML Help (.chm) files …
    Status: Creating links to Windows Help (.hlp) files …
    Status: Complete.

    The 'Start Menu' folder has been created in your installation directory.
    This folder contains all links to documentation.

    If you move your installation folder, please run the update-links.bat
    *in your installation directory* to refresh your documentation links.

    Ending documentation link updater.

    Please open a command window and switch to the GnuWin32 directory. There should be an update-links.bat in that directory. If there is please run it and record the output. If you do not have update-links.bat in C:\gnuwin32 please stay in that directory and run this command, all one line:

    "C:\GetGnuWin32\bin\sed" -T "s/^gnuwin32\\bin\\ls -lgGRU gnuwin32 /bin\\ls -lgGRU /;s/\(\d037CD\(:[^\d037]\+\)\?\d037\)\\\{1,2\}gnuwin32/\1/g;s/gnuwin32\\\{1,2\}//g;" "C:\GetGnuWin32\update-links.bat" >update-links.bat

    If you don't see an error message please again try to run update-links.bat from your GnuWin32 directory.

    In any case please record the output. Thanks

  •  juandering

    juandering - 2010-05-07


    1) Opened a command window and switched to the C:\GnuWin32 directory - the update-links.bat file is there but empty, with 0 bytes size.

    2) Ran the code you provided and below is the output:

    C:\GNUWIN32>"C:\GetGnuWin32\bin\sed" -T "s/^gnuwin32\\bin\\ls -lgGRU gnuwin32 /b
    in\\ls -lgGRU /;s/\(\d037CD\(:\+\)\?\d037\)\\\{1,2\}gnuwin32/\1/g;s/gnuw
    in32\\\{1,2\}//g;" "C:\GetGnuWin32\update-links.bat" >update-links.bat


    3. Checked the output result: C:\GnuWin32\update-links.bat still empty, 0 bytes size.

    4. Checked the input file, C:\GetGnuWin32\update-links.bat, also empty, 0 bytes size. The sed operation returned nothing because of this.

    5. Is there something wrong with my C:\GetGnuWin32\install.bat - this was supposed to create the update-links.bat in the first place?

    Thank you for your patience and support.

  • Jay Satiro

    Jay Satiro - 2010-05-08

    Hi. update-links.bat should not be 0 bytes. There is something wrong with your installation. Please verify that you have a valid installer. The trusted path starts at sourceforge. If you have a sf acc you can view the sha1 hashes via https (must be logged in) for GetGnuWin32-0.6.3.exe by going here


    Please use a valid hasher to compute the hash of your GetGnuWin32-0.6.3.exe. In this particular case do not use sha1sum from either of your GetGnuWin32\bin or GnuWin32\bin directories. You could download Sigcheck which is digitally signed by Microsoft Corporation.
    sigcheck -h GetGnuWin32-0.6.3.exe
    then compare

    If the hashes don't match please upload the installer to drop.io or send it to my yahoo acc. Also you could zip and send all the files in your \GetGnuWin32 directory *except* what's in the packages subdirectory. \GetGnuWin32 should not contain any personal information.

    Regarding a new installation:

    Please delete \GnuWin32

    \GetGnuWin32\packages is your package cache. If you use a valid installer to extract a new GetGnuWin32 in for example \GetGnuWin32-test, move the packages directory there. Moving over the packages dir will preserve your package cache so the downloader will not have to re-download all GnuWin32 packages.

    cd \
    move \GetGnuWin32\packages \GetGnuWin32-test
    cd \GetGnuWin32-test
    install.bat C:\GnuWin32

    Please note: A valid GetGnuWin32 installation will hash all files in the package cache and compare them against a digitally signed master list. Any invalid packages are discarded by default. A valid installation will not install corrupt packages.

  •  juandering

    juandering - 2010-05-09


    The SHA1 hash from "sigcheck -h GetGnuWin32-0.6.3.exe" is the same as the one noted in the file   "https://sourceforge.net/projects/getgnuwin32/files/getgnuwin32/0.6.30/Release_Notes_0.6.3_amended.txt".

    I decided to redo the whole thing:
    1) deleted C:\GetGnuWin32 and C:\GNUWIN32
    2) redownloaded GetGnuWin32-0.6.3.exe from SF
    3) executed GetGnuWin32-0.6.3.exe and installed to C:\GetGnuWin32
    4) executed C:\GetGnuWin32\download.bat
    5) executed C:\GetGnuWin32\install.bat C:\GNUWIN32

    Voila, "C:\GNUWIN32\Start Menu" is built with all the links!

    I must have screwed something up during my first download/install. I remember erroneously doing a Ctrl-C trying to copy output text from the Command console (either during download or install); it did not terminate the process but somehow "C:\GetGnuWin32\update-links.bat" ended up empty :(

    Thank you very much for being very patient and very supportive.

  • Jay Satiro

    Jay Satiro - 2010-05-09

    Hi, glad it worked out. Thanks for your input and kind words.

    Today I reproduced a zeroed out update-links.bat by installing the GnuWin32 packages into the same directory as the installer.
    C:\GetGnuWin32\install.bat C:\GetGnuWin32
    which should not be done. We'll have to address that in an update at some point. The only other way I can think of update-links being zeroed out is if you ran out of disk space or maybe an anti-virus client interfered with GetGnuWin32 extraction.


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