Webwasher blocks download of *.sig file

  • Holgi

    Holgi - 2011-07-15

    At out site, McAfee Web Gateway blocks the download of the update*.sig file. In download.bat I get an error "403 Forbidden", and when I try to download the file in question with a browser I get the full error message (translated from german):

    Mismatch between content and content type
    File http://getgnuwin32.sourceforge.net/update94d563d1564001.sig has been transferred and blocked by Webwasher, because its content does not match the content type application/pgp-sig. Webwasher cannot resolve this error.

    (Keine Übereinstimmung von Inhalt und Inhaltstyp
    Die Datei http://getgnuwin32.sourceforge.net/update94d563d1564001.sig wurde übertragen und von Webwasher geblockt, weil ihr Inhalt nicht mit dem Inhaltstyp application/pgp-sig übereinstimmt. Webwasher kann diesen Fehler nicht beheben. )

    Is there anything one can do about it? Re-configuring the proxy unfortunately is not an option.

  • Jay Satiro

    Jay Satiro - 2011-07-15

    I'm not sure what I can do about this. I'll look into it.


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