Subnets Spreadsheet Import fails after 499 lines

  • Ricky

    Ricky - 2016-06-29

    we were mass importing networks from a spreadsheet and we detected after the process that some subnets were missing.
    After revising the audit and our file we discovered that the last processed line is the line 499.

    Is there a limit hardcoded into the software to ignore entries above 500?

  • Marc Uebel

    Marc Uebel - 2016-06-29

    Ricky, no there is no limit. I just tried with ~700 networks without problems ( > 500 in one sheet).
    What did you see in the result page? Does there appear something in the apache error log?

  • Ricky

    Ricky - 2016-06-30

    No apache log doesn't contain anything useful. I found this by checking the audit log.
    Well, it's not a big deal, we imported again the network that were missing.

    This happened to a line containing a /32 network in the excel line 500.
    However before we already had /32 network and they were imported fine so we didn't think the problem came from this.

  • Marc Uebel

    Marc Uebel - 2016-07-01

    Ok, Thank you, Ricky. Let me know if you observe something more regarding this issue.

  • Marc Uebel

    Marc Uebel - 2016-07-01

    Ricky, which networks was it where the import stopped?

  • Ricky

    Ricky - 2016-07-01

    We were able to import which was in line 499
    Then we had:

    which have failed along with everything that followed.
    This xls was converted directly from a csv exported from gestioip.

  • Marc Uebel

    Marc Uebel - 2016-07-01

    Did you imported the as rootnet?
    If not, the /32 networks will be detected as overlapping with the /20 network and will not be imported

  • Ricky

    Ricky - 2016-07-18

    We experienced a similar problem in the host import from spreadsheet.

    We were trying to import hosts into the program via spreadsheets and we were getting failures every time.
    The failure was that some data was being imported but the rest not. The result was also a blank screen.
    What we found out is that the script doesn't send apache any feedback for a while and after the default timeout 60s is reached, apache kills the script.

    We changed this timeout to 60 minutes and we were able to solve the problem.

    Another thing, we find the import a bit slow. In the audit, we see that only a single host line is processed every 2/3s.

  • Marc Uebel

    Marc Uebel - 2016-07-18

    Thank you for reporting this, Ricky.
    I will have a look.


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