Hello Jan,

Here is an article I wrote some time ago about GeSHi : http://www.frasq.org/en/syntax-coloring-of-source-files
It should answer your questions about styling the output.

You might want to take a look at iZend : www.izend.org. This web engine includes an interface to GeSHi.
Here is an example from the documentation: http://www.izend.org/en/manual/library/sendhttp.

Good luck with your project !

Le 20/06/2012 04:11, Jan Grasshoff a écrit :
I have just installed geshi to my mediawiki. Unfortunately the source code is displayed really small. I have been looking through documentation and different files for 2 hours, but I could not figur out a way to increase the font size. Can you give me any hints?

At the moment is looks like:

Thank you!

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