I'm using GeSHi for create the layout of my source code on a blog. I'm writing a plugin for the blog software and this uses GeSHi.
Now I would set the comment style with

$geshi->set_comments_style(1, $style["comment"]);
$geshi->set_comments_style("MULTI", $style["comment"]);

The multi value is not a problem, but I need the number of "normal" comments (same on keywords).
I would like to do something like

$geshi->set_comments_style("MULTI", $style["comment"]);
for($i=1; i < $geshi->getCommentNumber(); $i++)
$geshi->set_comments_style($i, $style["comment"]);

So I would like to set all comments to the same style (same as keywords).
How I can read this numbers or is there a wildcard like $geshi->set_comments_style("*", $style["comment"]); for setting
all comment with the same style?