#146 <div> container is missing


Maybe a doc bug, maybe a GeSHi bug, but the two diverge.

Doc says:
Available since 1.0.8

Once again a <div> tag wraps the output. This time though no ordered list is used to create an ordered list, but instead we use a table with two cells in a single row. The left cell contains a <pre> tag which holds all linenumbers. The second cell holds the highlighted code, also wrapped in a <pre> tag, just like with GESHI_HEADER_PRE.

This produces valid HTML and works around the nasty selection behaviour of Firefox and other Gecko based browsers, see SF#1651996 for more information.

But if I $geshi->enable_line_numbers(GESHI_NORMAL_LINE_NUMBERS), the <div> container will get lost, and the <table> tag will become the out most tag.


  • BenBE

    BenBE - 2009-09-08

    Need to have a look at this situation but if IIRC this is more or less intentional as the table tag can hold all the necessary information. Using an additional DIV would be redundant. I'll look into this though.

  • BenBE

    BenBE - 2009-09-08
    • priority: 5 --> 2
    • assigned_to: nobody --> benbe
    • status: open --> open-accepted
  • BenBE

    BenBE - 2010-02-14
    • assigned_to: benbe --> milianw

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