#27 pseudo fullscreen


adds another view menu item to toggle gtk's fullscreen mode. this removes the taskbar(s)/panels and (main)window decoration, which is the typical F11/full screen option in gtk apps anyway and im quite satisfied now :)
this patch also adds F10 as the shortcut to toggle the toolbar, so that one can easily make space for the drawing area by "F9, F10, F11"


  • Julian Lamb

    Julian Lamb - 2010-08-22
    • assigned_to: nobody --> thepurlieu
    • status: open --> closed-accepted
  • Julian Lamb

    Julian Lamb - 2010-08-22

    Great...this "pseudo" fullscreen is okay with me...it's quick, and it clearly lets the user see the menu still so they can figure out how to get back to normal mode if they accidentally pressed F10

    Also, I changed the toolbar accelerator in your earlier patch to F8, since F10 seems to be stolen for the GTK menu on my system (Ubuntu).

    Also, I noticed you were doing some work on the python utility gerbmerge. You may want to look into libgerbv if you have curiosity. You could actually build a fairly quick GTK app using libgerbv to do panelizing (you can actually already panelize using gerbv using the command line...see gerbv --help or the man page for explanation).



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