gerbv-2.0.0 released


This is to announce the release of gerbv-2.0.0! Gerbv is an open source
Gerber file (RS-274X only) viewer. Besides viewing Gerbers, you may also
view Excellon drill files as well as XYRS (pick-place) files. For
more information, browse to gerbv's web site:

Gerbv is allied with the gEDA Project, an open-source collaborative
which has produced an end-to-end tool chain for PCB design on Linux and
other flavors of unix. The gEDA Project's website is here:

Gerbv release 2.0.0 represents a a whole new look for gerbv. Most
importantly, the layer control GUI has been made much more powerful through
the outstanding work of Julian Lamb. Julian has also re-worked the GUI's
button and menus to make them more convenient to use. We are certain that
you will find gerbv-2.0.0 even easier to use than before because of Julian's
amazing work!

Other changes include:

* Julian Lamb incorporated the cairo graphics library into gerbv,
thereby enabling export to a variety of different output file
formats, including PDF, PS, SVG, and PNG.
(GDK rendering remains available as a configure option for
older Linux systems.)
* Cairo rendering also supports "transparency mode", showing you
which layers are underneath other layers.
* Drill parser rewrite by Joerg Wunsch giving better support for
internationalization and formats.
* Added report windows showing statistics of Gerber and
drill codes used (as well as CAM errors) by Stuart Brorson.
* Parser improvements from Stefan Petersen and Julian Lamb.
* Aperture handling improvements from Stefan Petersen.
* A new unit test suite (and nightly test runs) by Dan McMahill.
* Improved autodetection of file-type by Stuart Brorson.
* Improvements in the graphical rendering of pick-and-place files.
* Export of images from the command line (cairo only).
* Complete implementation of the Gerber spec.
* Open multiple layers at once in File->Open dialog.

Gerbv's homepage is on SourceForge:

There you will find a bug database, a feature request database, the CVS repo
and a commit mailinglist.

To download gerbv-2.0.0, go to

and grab gerbv-2.0.0.tar.gz

To install gerbv do this:
1. tar zxf gerbv-2.0.0.tar.gz
2. cd gerbv-2.0.0
3. ./configure
4. make && make install

Interesting configure options are:
--help : Lists all configure options.
--disable-cairo : Use GDK only for graphics rendering.
--disable-exportpng : Disable compilation of export of PNGs.
--prefix=<dir> : Install to dir <prefix>.
--with-maxfiles : Set maximal number of files (default 20).
--enable-unit-mm : Change default unit in status bar to mm from inch.

Thank you for using gerbv-2.0.0!

-- The gerbv team

Posted by Stuart Brorson 2008-01-13

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