#39 Snap to 90 degrees / Measure to center

Bryce Nesbitt

Great job on the viewer!

My first need is for verifying dimensions. I suggest it be extended to measure between the center of holes and/or other objects. Pressing shift to constrain the measure tool to 45/90/180 degree angles would be great as well.


I'm using Gerbv 2.0.1.


  • Julian Lamb
    Julian Lamb

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    Thanks for the feature request, Bryce. This one might be pretty tricky t implement with the existing code though...I'll have to think about it some. Eventually we're thinking of adding more drawing/editing functionality to gerbv, and we would probably look into "snapping" at that time. I'll keep you posted.

    FYI, I measure center distances by measuring the right edge of one circle to the right edge of another. With enough zoom, you can easily get better than 1% accuracy.


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    I measure circle edges also, but at the same time it is terribly comforting to click click and see something like 4.00000000000" x 6.000000000", and just not have to worry about that dimension any more. It makes verifying against a mechanical drawing a snap (so to speak).

    Measuring the board outline is another common gerbv task (at least, to the extent gerbv is used to check and verify the output of something else).

    All these drawing elements have centers, especially on the drill layer. Even if the selection mechanism was awkward, the functionality would still be good. Imagine selecting any two elements off the drill layer, and asking the distance between them. I'd even be willing to select the two elements from a list, rather than clicking.