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  • Radoslav Kolev

    Radoslav Kolev - 2009-04-21


    I am looking for a free software tool to perform milling of PCBs created by gEDA or KiCAD. Your project is the only one I found. Can you tell me what is the current status and is it in a usable state?

    I am not much of a C++ programmer but I am willing to try to help. I see that the last commit is 4 months ago so you're still working on the project. What needs to be done so it is usable without optimizations or other extras, if it isn't already?

    Best regards,

    • matthew

      matthew - 2009-07-25

      Sorry it has taken me a while to answer you.  The latest snapshot (0.1.7) should work on simple PCB geometries, but you will probably have to hand edit the file to fix the things that it could not handle.   I am still working on this project.  I am working on simplify the program and making it more general to support polygons.

  • Barçon Thierry

    Barçon Thierry - 2010-03-12


    I want use your soft gerber to gcode  i cannot install Why??



  • matthew

    matthew - 2010-03-12

    Hello Thierry,

    Are you trying to install or compile the program?  Also, what operating system are you using?

  • matthew

    matthew - 2010-03-14


    I think I have figured out the best thing for you.  Your problem was I released 0.1.7 in a hurry and never with back to fix the file release.

    The easiest thing for you would be to use the 0.1.6 version and follow the directions on the wiki.  You will need the general development headers for linux.  The configure script will tell you if you are missing anything.

    If you do want to use the additional functions that i created for 0.1.7 just copy and replace the source file in your 0.1.6 directory with the ones from 0.1.7 and then follow the directions on the wiki

    I have also added some general information about compiling the program to the wiki link below.

    I will fix the build system problems and split the file releases between linux and windows with the 0.1.8 release

  • Barçon Thierry

    Barçon Thierry - 2010-03-15


    It OK for me and i am going to work on this system.




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